Combination book describes switches and systems of Classic and NG versions of the Boeing Does not describe BBJ. Documents Similar To Cockpit B ng Cockpit companion full Uploaded by. Paul Watkins. Engine Starting B Uploaded by. NG Cockpit Companion [Bill Bulfer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Airplane or pilot instruction.

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Do not complain if you do not like what you read. Added an external power diagram I didn’t want to go for the one including the BBJ if it cuts down on content for the other variants.

Well, it turns out that all of the actual content for this app came from the renown Bill Bulfer, a major airline Captain turned author. You should reach out to Bill at his site.

Everything from using conditional waypoints to performance calculations, from forecasting to engine out procedures, this book describes it all. The app features a touch-through navigation scheme, so you can start with the top-level cockpit view, and find notes specific to the panel you deal with.

Second, choose one of the four airplanes that currently have MAX information. Surprised that most flags do not have a procedure. Watch the relays closely and you can tell which ones energize for that situation. It is a convenient accessible guide to systems, incorporating notes on functionality, “theory of operation”, and Bill’s extensive experience as a line pilot with a major US carrier.

Leading Edge Publishing. B NG / MAX Cockpit Companion

Every switch, function, light, and condition is described in length. I just wanted to put up a quick post about these two books and their wealth of fockpit. It has to do with a malformed database. He’s been integrating his systems diagrams into a freeplay format. It also contains a number of reference options, so you can look up data without having to work through the control panels.


Let us know if you need guidance on how to do that.

This wraps up all reported problems. As of this writing, the digital Cockpit Companion is not available for Android yet. Excerpt from Cockpit Companion detailing the wheel braking system. Re-wrote flap position indicator.

This is still a work in progress. No advertising on this website – EVER! Our goal is to test against the current OS and one OS earlier.

I have not compared these power sources to the circuit breaker feature in the app. Journal Archive Newest First. If your serious about how you fly your simulator or are developing your own simulator project, the Cockpit Companion is cockpt a must have in your training material. Interface Modules Interface Modules – Introduction. Did a lot of work to the PFD fail flags. MAX does not have a ground spoiler interlock valve.

This update includes 2 large improvements: Comppanion interest to students or prospective pilots, we also include: I’m inclined to go for the one without BBJ info as I don’t need it, but does this mean its an older edition? It is important to note that this guide provides much more information than just indicating a name for something.


There is even a setting to select carrier specific information such as from Southwest, RyanAir, American, United, and others.

Boeing B737 Ryanair Cockpit Companion

The app is much more than an “eBook. Guestbook make an entry. The companion may look small, but the information companiion includes is detailed and informative. Added the Yaw Damper solenoid to the standby and system B parts of the diagrams. If you really want to get a lot more info about the and also cockpi to manage virtually all scenarios, my humble suggestion is, besides stydying the official Boeing manuals, buy: Click image to enlarge. If cickpit is another address or phone number out there for him please let me know.

Is this the one you are after? Add a Poll to this Thread. View Printer Friendly Version. It can be purchased from Leading Edge Publishing.

Differences in start cycle and starter cutout. I plan to add this Min Maneuvering Speed info to other airplanes next update. Added the new parking brake lever.

You can touch certain circuit breakers to see what components you lose should one of those CBs pop. Thanks for your patience! Courtesy of PilotAndyS flickr.

The small size allows easy storing in the throttle side pockets. Find More Posts by Elixir.