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These loads are characterized as input currents and will differ depending on whether the input logic level is LO or HI.

74S00 Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Each has an output enable pin that can tri-state all the outputs. For example, “SNN” signifies that the part is a series IC probably manufactured by Texas Instruments “SN” originally meaning “Semiconductor Network” [25] using 74a00 processing, is of the military temperature datasbeet “54”and is of the TTL family absence of a family designatorits function being the quad 2-input NAND gate “00” implemented in a plastic through-hole DIP package “N”.

They are useful for rapid breadboard -prototyping and for education and remain available from most manufacturers. The and series were used in many popular minicomputers in the 74e00 and early s. There are some other family offshoots; this list is those flavors of currently in production from one manufacturerTexas Instruments.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikibooks. While companies such as Mullard listed series compatible parts in data sheets, [18] by there was no mention of the family in the Texas Instruments TTL Data Book.


The quad NAND gate was the first product in the series, introduced by Texas Instruments in a military grade metal flat package W in October These can be used in cases where the final output of a logic function only needs to sink current; a later section will give examples where this can be used. Over 40 different logic subfamilies use this standardized part number scheme.

Outputs of several open-collector gates may be directly wired together to form a wired-OR logic function for negative logic. Problem 11 – Monostable Multivibrator The circuit datsaheet one-half of a 74LS dual dwtasheet monostable multivibrator being used to generate a pulse of adjustable width.

The series was very successful and very popular, to the extent that when companies want to manufacture new logic parts with different electrical characteristics, they typically create new families of the very same functions and pin-outs. What are the criteria for determining the value of the pull-up resistor for an open collector output?

Integrated circuits Digital electronics introductions. Retrieved 31 May Measure the voltage present datashest the input pin when no connection is made to it.

74S00 Datasheet

An unconnected input is said to be floating. In this diagram, observe that the output stage consists of two active elements, Q3 and Q4. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Series. Additional characters in a part number identify the package and other variations.

series integrated circuits – Wikipedia

Retrieved 26 March Since open collector is often used where “0” is the active state, this is datsaheet called a “wired-OR” connection, referring to an active-low OR function.


Part number schemes varied by manufacturer.

Construct and test this circuit. A tri-state buffer or inverting buffer looks like a regular buffer or inverter, except there is an additional “enable” control signal entering the gate. Digital logic is implemented using integrated circuits which are classified into families based on their basic electronic structure.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved 17 March The correct term for this is “high-impedance,” often shortened to “high-Z. These four-bit counter parts can count up or down.

When and why would you use tri-state and open-collector outputs as opposed to totem-pole outputs? What is the minimum and maximum values of R and C? The following table is a growing list of various sub-families with their characteristics and designations.

Problem 8 – Timer The timer IC is a popular circuit for generating asymmetric rectangular waves. Measure both the input voltage and the logic output of the inverter. But there are a few exceptions where incompatibilities mainly in pin-out across the subfamilies occurred, such as:.

If all outputs are off, the combination of signals is also off. In normal usage a logic-HI is provided by an external datasheft resistor as shown.

The 74LS is an eight-bit transparent latch, while the 74LS is an eight-bit edge-triggered latch. What is the smallest value of R such that the output is still LO?