Roots. By: Arnold Wesker Media of Roots. See larger image Roots is the remarkable centrepiece of Wesker’s seminal post-war trilogy. It was first performed in. Arnold Wesker’s Roots may be set in – a time of post-war upheaval – but in all it says about class tensions, families and possibly East. Roots. Print. Share. Bookmark. Arnold Wesker Roots is the remarkable centrepiece of Wesker’s seminal post-war trilogy. It was first performed in at the.

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Photo by Stephen Cummiskey. Fantastically well written, superbly cast and beautifully produced, this is the best thing I have seen at the Donmar — or indeed elsewhere — in recent months.

Roots – review

When she returns home to her family of Norfolk farmers for a holiday, she cannot help but find their world small and mundane and tries weskee to enlighten them to all that she has learned. Ronnie will be visiting for the first time in a fortnight and Beatie beseeches her family not to let her down.

However, for all her attempts to introduce them to the joys of classical music and abstract art, they remain resistant. As it turns out in the final act, when Beatie receives a consequential letter, Beatie is no more outward-looking than her parents or sisters.


Roots (play)

The apple never falls far from the tree, her parents say; and this is surely the reason why children reproach their parents for the shortcomings that they share, though they may not care to admit it. Although the subject may sound sombre, this is in fact a hugely entertaining play, helped by brilliant acting all round. Little happens, every act being staged around the kitchen table, but Wesker has a lightness of touch that makes this drama a complete delight.

Not only is Beatie like every young person — questioning, even rebelling against, her roots — but she is also an individual, whose warmth and spark cannot fail to shine through.

Arnold Wesker on the return of Roots | Books | The Guardian

Perhaps the most impressive part wesked the production was the staging, meticulously designed by Hildegard Bechtler. The same dedication to detail is evident in the scene changes, where furniture and props are cleverly used to create two different kitchens and then a more formal dining room, and even the floor surface changes from linoleum to carpet to reflect where we are.

Some may have found the play slow in its representation of rural rhythmsbut the production is in good hands. Artistic director Josie Rourke seems to have a fondness for pastoral settings: I left thinking wesked, for once, I had been truly absorbed in the scene before me and even forgotten briefly that I was in the city.


The play culminates in a rousing ideological speech by Roohs about the inertia of the masses, which Raine manages to keep plausible. His hope then was that over time these labels would fade and that the plays — timeless in the themes that they explore — would live on. As this excellent revival suggests, they will undoubtedly do just that.

Roots is on at the Donmar Warehouse until 30 November See the theatre website for more information.

Roots (play) – Wikipedia

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