In this truly global study, major military historian Azar Gat sets out to unravel the ” riddle of war” throughout human history, from the early hunter-gatherers right. In this sweeping study of war and civilization, Azar Gat sets out to find definitive answers to these questions in an attempt to unravel the riddle of war throughout. Azar Gat is a good example. In his pathbreaking War in Human Civilization ( Oxford UP, ), he explains in politically palatable and.

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War in Human Civilization – Azar Gat – Google Books

The past, we say, is a foreign country; they do things differently there. If our natures are fixed in some way, then what should we do to improve our lot? When the first modern challenge was issued—by the Sociobiologists of the azqr had the latter I would saybut not the former.


Azar Gat is a good example. In his pathbreaking War in Human Civilization Oxford UP,he explains in politically palatable and empirically convincing terms just why, evolutionarily speaking, our evolved natures guided the way we have fought over the pastyears.

In certain circumstances, we are psychologically inclined to use it; in others, not. In this way we are no different than many of our fellow species, the primates in particular. Of course, unlike them, our use of collective violence has an extra-genetic history.

Azar Gat – Wikipedia

Azar does a masterful job of describing and explaining how, even while our nature has remained the same, the way we fight has changed. And here the news is good: Azar can explain this too, and does in the interview.

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