Ma nella testa degli italiani — purtroppo o per fortuna — c’è ben altro. Percorrendo la Penisola in compagnia di amici venuti dall’estero, Beppe Severgnini. La testa degli italiani | Beppe Severgnini | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Read a free sample or buy La testa degli italiani by Beppe Severgnini. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

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Very funny and informative.

After living in Italy for a year, reading this book brought back memories and also explained a few hidden ideas in the Italian mind. Through a combination of strange prose and incomprehensible tangents, Beppe gets me more lost about his vision of Italy than a twisty Roman street.

Many times I found the author just blabbing and jabbering about things that were important to him, not so much the reader.

Yedy rated it it was amazing Mar 08, Read after you’ve been there a while or after you’ve left so you can laugh a bit. A good veppe for any one who loves Italia This novel is in such sad shape that I actually learned more from the epilogue summarizing it from an American’s viewpoint than I did from the rest of the book.

Published by BUR Rizzoli first published The author, severnini Italian that has worked as an English journalist at The Economist and other venues, explains the difference between Italy and Italia – the former being an imaginative invention of the English later adopted by the Tessta, and the latter being the real thing. The premise of the book was intriguing: Quotes from La testa degli it Often times the author would go off subject and just yap about something that had nothing to do with the book in my opinion.


But, don’t worry about remembering which is which, because after explaining both the difference and its importance, he then proceeds to refer to both ideas with the uniform monikor “Italy” for the rest of the text. That said, I might consider picking up his other book, Ciao America!

See my dehli on my blog here: For as detailed as he described many of the scenes, I couldn’t get a clear vision of what Beppe was showing me. That topic could have been hysterical!

This book is filled with stereotypes and often generalizes Italians which obviously isn’t true Overall, entertaining and mostly true. Un viaggio lungo 10 giorni che appassiona e fa riflettere.

Miguel rated it it was amazing May 15, There were two places in the book that really drew me in, and that was because I had actually experienced them before. Quotes from La gesta degli it This book was full of the kinds of generalisation about Italy that I might have expected from a non-native, but seemed pretty unforgivable from an Italian writer.

La testa degli italiani

Having read Tim Parks prior to this, I do prefer how he writes and would tseta both are similar books. Dieci giorni, trenta luoghi. Giuseppe “Beppe” Severgnini born December 26, is an Italian journalist, writer and columnist. There were a few helpful tips i. Published by BUR Rizzoli first published I really wanted to like this book, but I think it was too similar to Ciao America. Jane rated it it was amazing Jun 10, Still, it was thrilling, as an American living in Italy, to see an Italian author write “Italians prefer good looks to good answers,” “we like nice gestures so much we prefer them to good behavior” and “In Italy rules are not obeyed as elsewhere”!


La testa degli italiani by Beppe Severgnini (5 star ratings)

Then there’s a characteristic of Italian journalism that he actually himself demonstrates when with very little pretense he writes, “Some people have even tried to play down the awful scene in the Champions League derby match with AC Milan, which was suspended live on television to the entire world in a deluge of rockets and bottles. Svergnini appreciated the Italian perspective, but the English was a little strangely worded needed more editing and the book can be summarized by the epilogue.

The author is a perfect example of the type of Italian he describes – with a touch of genius, but insufferably arrogant.

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