The third book in the phenomenal New York Times bestselling Nightshade series Calla has always welcomed war. But now that the final battle is upon her. Parents need to know that the final installment in author Andrea Cremer’s best- selling supernatural Nightshade trilogy once again features. The Paperback of the Bloodrose (Nightshade Series #3) by Andrea Cremer at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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I forget the name,but it was intriguing enough to allow me to want bloodrlse read more, even after the disappointment I found in this book.

BLOODROSE by Andrea Cremer | Kirkus Reviews

Everything about Ren’s story line is so sad. If you’ve never read Nightshade, don’t even think about it. Not that I really blame her for having a sndrea time choosing between two great guys, God, I feel like a perv.

I feel like unnecessary deaths are starting to diffuse into YA, and I’m not liking the trend. Shay shouldn’t have lived!!!

How does the bkoodrose of this love triangle compare to other notable YA love triangles, such as those in Twilight or The Hunger Games? It was so visual. Occasional cursing, including “bitch,” “a–hole,” “s–t,” “cocky bastard,” and “goddamned. He’s always acting like he’s the one in charge, and has such an awful attitude. And, as always, Ren is gorgeous. Romantic Fantasy Books for Teens. I’m probably the odd man out. It would have left a less bitter taste in my mouth.


Just tell me one thing. And it is about Ren Not all of it was bad. What a F’ing waste! In fact, hellfire would’ve been more merciful because I could’ve died bloidrose rather than have that moment stuck into my brain for eternity.

I didn’t want to know anymore and kept reading for these characters: It feels like a waste and the HEA never came. I would be very disappointed if they didn’t end up together.

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Bloodrose: Nightshade, Book 3 Book Review

Like hello, you can’t expect them to not fight over you, you ignorant bitch. It just made me mad and sad, and yes I shed a tear. Ren bolodrose like a warrior, like a guardian throughout the whole book, and then he dies because he leaps too high? Wow, what a way to end a series Does for werewolves what Twilight did for vampires. Were they born wolves?


This is my first 1 star book! As I’ve said, it is sweet that he seems to care so much for Calla at times, but more often than not he seems only to want to control her. Thanks for breaking my heart and stomping on the pieces, Cremer. Shay is an awful character and I’m sorry if his immature sensibilities will be hurt when Calls attempts to save Ren’s life.


In conflicts between the werewolves, Seekers, and Keepers, each group suffers many losses. But as a girl whose boyfriend is dying, I’m having a hard time seeing anything romantic about dying for love these days. This was like, burn-the -book-throw-it-out-the-window horrible, terrible Calla was a dumb bitch!!

Bloodrose: Nightshade, Book 3

If thats not funny well i dont know what is. In the end, Shay and Calla are together as wolves with the rest of their pack.

The place that was always meant to be his in the first place! He’s so pushy and apparently has a dated brain because he believes in male dominance. Did you like it or not??? Like j Alright, I literally just opened a goodreads account so I could write this review for Bloodrose.

Which leads me to my next discussion Not if you haven’t read the first two!