Registered Disability Savings Plan ( RDSP). Overview · Options · FAQs. A Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a registered savings plan that is intended to help parents How are BMO RDSP accounts set up? (Opening an. BMO Mutual Funds | 1. Discover the benefits of RDSPs. The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) offers benefits that are too good to ignore. Created by.

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BMO Welcomes Hon. Candice Bergan to Event in Support of the RDSP – Plan Institute

Page 1 of 10 Jump to page: I know they just came into existence on Dec 1st but my family would like to set one up for a family member by the end of the year to get the grants and savings bonds. Some general information for anyone wanting it: Any person who is: The year you turn 49 to be eligible for the Bonds and Grants Ministry of Finance extended the Contribution time limit from Dec 31, to March 2, February 2, Another question that has been coming up frequently is around applying for the Disability Tax Credit.

This is an important distinction as many people will be worrying as to whether they can open an RDSP before the March 2nd deadline to receive Bmp and Bonds.

This being said, you will also want to consider the implications of setting up an RDSP before you are approved to receive the Disability Tax Credit. If you were to apply for the DTC after having set rdso an RDSP, and you were deemed ineligible to receive the credit, the plan would not be certified and and any income generated in the plan would be considered income for that year. If this is not possible, it is important to be aware that you can still set up an RDSP, but that you must apply and receive the DTC in the same year.


It is called Endowement The grant was, in turn, used to create Endowment Mackenzie investment guide for RDSP: This means you can only collect 3 years worth of grants per year – so you really can only make up 2 years of missed grants. The way I understand it – if you have not opened an RDSP yet and were eligible in for an RDSP you would need to do something like this to get all of the grant money: So to collect the 5 years bno of grants available it takes 3 years worth of planning and contributions!

So get your RDSP resp if you are procrastinating! Or ask in this thread! CRA site with more information. It will be offered on the 22nd through the BMO mutual funds call centre.

In that case, there is potentially another provider. Ugh their investment choices SUCK!

BMO Calls for Hike in RDSP Contribution Limit – Disabled World

At least GICs and savings accounts Forgot to post the link: Does anyone else RDSPs? They have extended the deadline for setup of the RDSP until march. Rsdp will not have one till If you can get one with BMO go for it. BMO is fast enough to setup the plan to lure client away from their institutions.


BMO Partners with PLAN to Help Individuals with Disabilities

Just set one up for my mother, process was very easy. If you do not have a BMO account, go to a branch and register a resp.

Bjo the investment number and get them to email you the forms. Fill them out and fax it in. Get a call back 2 hours later for me anyway saying it was all setup fine.

Now only if the investment option weren’t so bad. I’m just putting mine in a savings account while I research and decide what to do with the money.

Options seem very limited. Was helping the branch out the other day trying to find information about this.

Registered Disability Savings Plan

TD has none, through any channel branch, TD Waterhouse, etc nor any information as to when one will be available. I think it’s probably just too small a segment to really be gung ho over, but kudos to BMO.

So if you go with BMO because they are the only game in town then you will not be able to open a second plan with another provider.

However, you will be able to transfer the existing account to the second institution, incurring transfer out fees.

Hopefully the receiving institution will cover these. However the MERs are higher than they should be for index funds. Congrats to the Winners!