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Bright Lights of Disturbia (a.k.a. BLoD or BLOD) is a hurt/comfort “I finally finished The Bright Lights of Disturbia and fuck, it felt good to finally. The Bright Lights of Disturbia has 82 ratings and 15 reviews. Dreamer said: Re- read this epic for the second time, updated to 5 is a lengthy. The Bright Lights Of Disturbia written by leonidaslion. It’s a wincest story and believe me, you won’t regret reading it. It’s a hell of an angsty story and the journey.

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”the bright lights of disturbia!!”

Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Bright Lights of Disturbia by leonidaslion.

The Bright Lights of Disturbia – Chapter 35 – leonidaslion – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

The Bright Lights of Disturbia Disturbia 1 by leonidaslion. There IS a happy ending, but it is at the other end of a very long, very dark tunnel. Please be sure you want to make the journey before clicking ahead. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Bright Lights of Disturbiaplease sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Bright Lights of Disturbia.

Lists with This Book. Re-read this epic for the second time, updated to 5 stars. This is a lengthy extremely well written fanfic from leonidaslion. The story parallels the first two seasons of Supernatural written from Sam’s perspective. At Stanford Sam lusts after his brother after watching a gay porno of Dean online. Following Jess’s death, the brothers team up again but Dean carries a horrendous secret buried in his psyche.

Except this is Dean, who seems to attract sorrow like the gleam of gold attracts magpies, and Sam can’t shake the fear that it can get worse. It can actually get a lot worse. View all 7 comments. View all 4 comments. Apr 20, Smith Barney rated it liked it Shelves: This was a time-share-slow-sipping-kind of read it’s uber-long and one long-drawn-out angst-fest of bona-fide-estrogen-junky material. It This was a time-share-slow-sipping-kind of read it’s uber-long and one long-drawn-out angst-fest of bona-fide-estrogen-junky material.

The blurb summarizes the basic premise of this particular fanfic story for the most part.

Sam’s present tense POV narrating his conflicting feelings and the emotive story line is convincingly well-done. Be advised it contains traumatic and brutally violent content triggers of nonconsensual sexual material. Surpisingly, the sexual content regarding the incest portion of Dean and Sam is not necessarily extreme or even explicitly abundant but more so illuminates a psychological-behavioral glimpse into an extremely dark and complicated subject matter.

It’s painstakingly portrayed and well-done. Although, the complex erotic taboo component is exquisitely angst-ridden if not tediously drawn-out.

I had a lot of “Oh come the fuck on’s” and “are you f’ing kidding me”.


And the minor female role-characters really pushed my patience too. The shit bestowed upon him for walking disaster purposes was intense and difficult to read over and over even more so than that of Dean for me and it’s what compelled me to continue reading it to the end.

My curiosity of Sam’s dramatically-hopeless predicament a predicament I suspect is far more common than many know and how it all played out had to be satisfied. Feb 20, Oni rated it really liked it Recommends it for: People with taste for darkness and long tales. My calibre e-reader claims that this one has pages and while I have no clue how much that is in normal reading devices – it still should be quite a lot into War and Peace rather than – quick, mindless porn, territory.

And the base fact that I read this, and read this in 3 days doesn’t let me to give it less than 4 stars. But would I recommend this to you? It’s hard to say so. And there is more than one reason behind that. Well first, it’s a fanfic – if you don’t dig them – you are going to bu My calibre e-reader claims that this one has pages and while I have no clue how much that is in normal reading devices – it still should be quite a lot into War and Peace rather than – quick, mindless porn, territory.

Well first, it’s a fanfic – if you don’t dig them – you are going to bury all my love or hate towards this one anyway. Second – it’s a Supernatural fanfic. Third – it contains too many trigger warning for me to be comfortable to suggest anyone to read it.

It’s kinda the same deal as I have with http: Would I recommend it to you? If I’m not sure that you’re just as big sick-fuck as I am – no. And if I did – recommendations would come with a heavy trigger and content warning.

The Bright Lights of Disturbia is worse. If you are not comfortable reading incest, rape, a lot of violence, suicide and general mind fuck – you shouldn’t bother starting this. In general, I myself have some problems – esp. And the more I read, the more I got the feeling that I am not supposed to sympathize with him, right til the end view spoiler [where author decided to pull sugar coated dicks out and made Sammy and Dean into one great love story, I was wincing reading all the wincest scenes, by pulling – Sam realizes that he was full of shit and should leave – I was happier than when Big Bad rapery demon died and I was plenty of happy then.

There are things you don’t get salvation over, ok? And I belive that main problem behind all that is not the wish to please the reader but the thing I started this review with – the length of the work.

When you are reading, you can basically feel the moment when author decides that this is fucking enough and the end should come sometime this century, please!


the bright lights of disturbia on Tumblr

In the name of wrapping everything up a good old time skip is used, some characters gets left hanging out to dry John, I’m speaking about lighs. The day when I care about John Winchester is finally here, who would have thought that. Why 4 star then? Well, that’s easy – I really fucking liked it.

Until the end, I believed that I was reading one of the cleverest portrayals of rape and abuse, and Sam made a great unbelievable narrator. The way Dean brigut to everything was very Dean Winchester like which implies a great deal of denial and blaming himself.

The Bright Lights of Disturbia

Right until the moment when I started to feel like abuse is being used more to fetishise than to portray the tale, while everyone hadn’t yet got a sudden lobotomy that had been left out – I had put this fic into he isle of glory. And I’m kinda sad about the ending making me glare at it so bad. I’m sad about Berserk turning into – Go! I guess it’s just my fate to get superficially sweet endings to mud in the face stories. Still was a good ride while it lasted. I am horrible at writing reviews.

Oni’s review pulled me in. All those bright flashing lights with warnings I almost distubia on this story, just because of the length. Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading it. I can’t put into words how I feel about this story. Just that I loved it. Read Oni’s review, for the most part, that just disyurbia covers it. If tho I am horrible pights writing reviews.

If those bright flashing warning lights, pull you in, instead of repel you Jan 22, Lana Del Gay rated it it was amazing Shelves: Need to ask leoni to return my heart. I do prefer writings with multiple storytellers. Apr 30, Jeff Briel marked it as to-read Shelves: That brright just sick!

Brothers what the fuq I’m assuming the author knows they’re brothers because firstly, he’s a Supernatural fan and second he’s not stupid. But this is just awkward. I’d still read it because I’m a masochist and I like Supernatural. I’ll prepare myself a bucket.

Feb 23, Trinity rated it really liked it Shelves: Led to this by a strange link-trail of wikipedia, trope links, and recommendations. Disturbis not normally read this because of the ship – this is the first one I’ve read of this particular subset, and a few times I had to stop for a few just because. But the story itself is astonishingly well-written, and worth reading to the end. Even though the end is quite far away. Jan 23, Samantha rated it it was amazing.

I cried so hard with this.

Dec 26, Tara Kyrios rated it it was amazing. But oh so good. May 18, Wandax21 rated it did not like it Shelves: