Results 1 – 17 of 17 CANNE MOUCHE bamboo Fly rod bambou refendu fishing cane canna . unused bruce walker cane effect hexagraph salmon fly fishing rod. About the object: Fishing: ROD: Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Salmon Deluxe 16’6″ 3 piece fly rod, split cane finish, burgundy close whipped, ferrule stoppers, line. Immaculate Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Walker 15′ Salmon Rod . Canne à mouche saumon LOOP OPTI ZPEY 14′ 9/10 two hands salmon rod.

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We use the exact tapers that were most popular during the reign of the fine bamboo rod. These are light, will do the job and look ‘traditional-ish’. On a power to weight ratio, and length for length, Hexagraph has eclipsed the performance of any other production rod today. Just in view is a green ‘spectra’ whipping over a funny flaked bit of paint. It still wasn’t quite right, so in I very carefully removed the cane-coloured paint and re-made the rod it with titanium Pacbay rings and put on a 16mm reel-seat and sanded down the handle.

IIt was first built inusing the salmon-rod corks and with lined fuji rings. When I stumbled across these rods my first thought was ‘Aha, the ideal construction of good built-cane married to the strength and stiffness of carbon-fibre’. To order your own Bruce and Walker fishing rod, please contact your local stockist.

I used 11lb Black Spider, as I could, and it links this rod with my first carp rod.

The new handle of the Hex Avon. For all deliveries outside the UK, whether Europe or Rest of World, we will obtain a variety of courier quotes from all the main international couriers, for you to choose from. Mark the orientation of the seat using a black ‘sharpie’ – screw fitting pointing hexqgraph the rod’ of course. In the end, despite my initial enthusiasm, I parted with both of them.


Twenty-four hours later I removed the braid, carefully scraped off the excess epoxy and then rubbed the top surface down with more grade stuck to a lolly stick. I generally use it with 6lb line and the Harlow ‘pin, but I’m happy using it with 8lb or 10lb main-line, and I suspect it would handle most things with the 10lb. Hexagrapj with original bag in good condition. There are 3 piece, each is 35,5″.

Canne da pesca

The pieces of gold that are crucians. This evening I stripped the tacky whippings off and scraped back the epoxy and will do it again, with ‘something else’. So now the handle’s back, I know I didn’t make it myself, but I have no facilites for doing that and it would be a shame to desecrate such a fine rod with a bodge job.

I whipped these onto the top section and in doing so noticed a small nick in one flat between the third and fourth ring, it’s through the paint and nicked the carbon.

To that end, I’ve put titanium Pacbay intermediates and a titanium tip ring on the Hhexagraph Avon.

How many of these inexpensive rods from the early s have survived?. See the bottom picture. How We Do It Hexagraph rods are constructed in a fashion similar to bamboo rods, but, rather than from cane, they are made from a combination of a light-weight, very strong aeronautical construction foam canme to layers of carbon fiber graphite fabric.


A good, odd rod. All smoothed off, the glue left between the arbour can be seen, pattterned hexagralh the cling-film I used to stop it running all over the place. Please provide a valid price range.

The Hexagraph Fly Rod will let you discover a casting experience beyond your imagination In any event the job waits for a wood-working lathe to ensure the handle is the mutt’s knuts.

Hexagraph History

Just a ‘peace of mind’ fix, hexwgraph. As opposed to pulling the tip down towards the butt with line starting parallel to the rod butt No-one has permsision to use this domain’s email for commercial purposes.

A pal asked me to contrast my Hexagraph Avon with the four-piece Harrisons’ Avon. I’d had this in mind for some time, that is to make a 10′ two-piece ‘stalking rod’ from the top two sections of a 15′ aftm Hexagraph salmon rod. It is sensitive enough to feel hexagrah right through to the handle.

I passed this rod on a long time ago as it lacked back-bone. New other see details.

Buy Cane Fly Fishing Rods | eBay

One of the ‘minima’ double legged rings. It adds weight and they’re not cane. I will be update my listings on a regular basis and add new items regular. I have a stunning cane fly fishing rod for sale, there is no makers mark on it that I can see. All three sections are straight, the tip section being 1″ short.