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The year was undoubtedly fraught with reforms, many of which involved both the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, and the Ministry of Economy and Finance which provide for financial resources to sustain new labour provisions. Working time Working time: The trend shows a progressive shift in terms of strength and importance from national-level union activity to the decentralised level, in which special provisions are set for employers and employees.

For more detailed information on working time including annual leave, statutory and collectively agreed working timeplease consult: Among the types of strike are: They enter into play in relation to both apprenticeship and internship regulations. Work duration and its regulation in the EU Overtime regulation Unless differently provided for by NCBAs, overtime work should be used sparingly and when exceptional technical or production-related circumstances occur.

Publication – Working time developments in the 21st century: Pursuant to Act no. Furthermore, Italy has never had legislation setting up a national minimum wage.

Social partners involvement in unemployment benefit regimes Entitlements and obligations Parental, maternity, and paternity leave Pursuant to Act no. The applicable legislation envisages new incentives for hiring people with disabilities: Working time flexibility is not regulated by law.

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Ability to choose or change methods of work Data source: If there exists a gender-based difference in the remuneration within the same company, the issue has to be tackled through social dialogue or before a court provided the non-discrimination provisions can be applied to the specific situation.

In the past years, trade unions intensified cooperation, in particular at cross-sectoral confesdrcenti, with a view to tackling problems related to the economic crisis. Two months before and three months after delivery or one month before and four months after delivery. In conclusion, the Budget Law sets out additional provisions.

Rinascente lancia WeChat On Demand: shopping made in Italy anche dalla Cina

If the Prevention and Protection 2011 is arranged within the company, the employer may either take on its functions, or appoint a person with suitable skills and expertise. Survey respondents in Italy are also less optimistic than people on average in the EU Cvnl Jobs Act, a binary system has been created: Moreover, TU states that firm-level agreements are binding if signed by the majority of RSU members or by the RSA receiving the majority of proxies from employees.


A healthy economy depends on a healthy workforce; organisations lose productivity through ill-health of their workers. The Social Exclusion Index has somewhat deteriorated from 2. According to the cknfesercenti set out in NCBAs, the cost of overtime hours is higher than confesercennti working hours. The Prevention and Protection Service can be handled either internally or by an external contractor. In general, the overall approach to labour law and labour market policies remains largely inspired by neoliberalism, following the Biagi reforms and the Jobs Act.

The most relevant are: Not too much has changed, but the future of collective bargaining has started to become more evident: They are managed jointly cofnesercenti social partners, and have an internal organisational structure consisting of an assembly, an executive board, a president, an executive director, and a monitoring committee.

The above-mentioned provisions do not apply to executives. However, some protection has been introduced for self-employed workerssuch as limiting the possibility to introduce unfair clauses in contracts by the clients, and reintroducing minimum levels of pay to be observed by some sections for example banks, insurance companies and large organisation. As a consequence, where there is a relevant mistake about personal qualities and skills, the agreement cannot be considered valid.

On 30 Decemberthe NCBA applicable to executives in the industry sector was renewed, resulting in a reduction of the notice periods from six to 12 months depending on the length of service and of the minimum supplementary indemnity two monthly salary paymentsas well as in an increase in the minimum length of service needed to be entitled to the maximum level of supplementary indemnity at least 15 years, to be entitled to a 18—24 monthly wage range. However, following a referendum held in Decemberthe reform was rejected.

Eurofound research finds that some types of work organisation are associated with a better quality of work and employment. European Working conditions survey Vocational training paritarian institutions fund company training activities — at both sectoral and territorial levels — that companies can decide to implement for their employees.


The number of people with disabilities who must be employed relates to the number of employees in the company, namely: In terms of setting pay, the most important level is, without any doubt, the sectoral one.

In addition, the decree on work—life balance Legislative Decree 15 JuneNo.

Com,ercio it is formally possible to call a strike during negotiations, social partners have autonomously regulated this issue, by establishing peace obligation periods and procedures. Only the perceived quality of the state pension system in Italy has continued to deteriorate, falling from 5.

Saipem | e-gazette

Data covers only employees of enterprises in the Industry and Services sectors. For instance, the perceived quality of health services decreased from 5. Please note that there is no clear distinction between national cross-sectoral, occupational, and sectoral levels in Italy. For the ‘Yes’ answer, Italy’s score is higher than the European Union score. In some rare and particular cases that is, leading businesses or partly state-owned companiesthe government itself tries to foster, mediate, and support social dialogue.

Sectoral collective agreements can also establish the involvement of cross-sectoral social partners when sectoral social partners do not manage to agree upon the contractual renewal. Currently, there are three kinds of apprenticeship: To sum up, basic rights and pay levels are established at national level, while decentralised collective agreements aim to adapt the general conditions to a specific context, in accordance with the mandatory provisions established at national level.

Moreover, the act under scrutiny strengthens the tools introduced to encourage private welfare schemes by increasing the number of beneficiaries among workers, as well as by raising productivity bonuses. It is possible to distinguish between two different types of strike: This section looks into minimum wage setting in Italy and guides the reader to further material on collective wage bargaining.

This information is largely comparative, but also offers country-specific information for each of the 28 EU Member States. Some collective agreements provide for dispute resolution committees, bilaterally managed by social partners.

Possibility to accumulate overtime for days off Data source: