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Fantasy literature, which was born in more or less the same time as historical fantasy, is based on similar foundation — combination of scientific knowledge and consciously created literary fiction in one narrative.

Skip to main content. Lower Silesia and Prague during Hussite wars. From Andrzej Kmicic to witcher For a comparison, if we compare the data from trends.

He is a romantic protagonist for his maladjustment to the world, an impossible need of love, a sense of humor unacceptable by people, and, finally, a uniqueness described here as mutation. Anyway, violence and atrocities are distributed differently. Log In Sign Up.

The first group includes fantastic creatures in the sense of their relation to historiography — that is, currently consid- ered as fantastic: In Poland, historical novel was fulfilling the needs related to the ex- perience of Polish history, emotional immersion in the history of laud- able victories and defeats bringing martyrdom.

In fact, such combination of history and fantasy gives the authors multiple op- portunities to surprise and entertain the reader and, at the same time, does not deprive him of some kind of support in the understanding of the meaning of the described events and characters.

The past is treated more as a virtual reality — not existing in a material way, but having an effect in practice. Spychalwki two mentioned novels had been filmed, what expanded the influence of the writer even more. This is not the end of the fantastic aspects of the book. The fate of the protagonists intertwine with dramatic spjchalski events but their activities do not change the course of events know from historical elaborations.


Krzyżacki poker. T. 2

Polish literature gave birth to an already significant collection of novels of such type. Since then, anything new could have been liked by a Pole, anything being anti-Sienkiewicz or a-Sienkiewicz.

An additional stimulant for the development of historical fantasy was the discussion over de-totalizing historiography, refusing great historiographical narratives and subjec- tivizations of the image of the past — the discussion being conducted both in the field of theory of historiography and philosophy of history3, as well as in the field of theory of literature4. Being aware of historical variability of the content of cultural and social symbolism, we are reflecting on its new meanings and functions which are ascribed to it by contemporary participants of mass culture, including users of the new media functioning mostly in the digital en- vironment.

Also, the second world war do not happen and nazi death camps are not created. Also their temporal correlation, including the correlation with the calendar of historical anniversaries and national holidays, was a subject of the study.

They are fol- lowed by their carriers in the material reality — the Awakened people gifted by the emanations with powerful possibilities but, at the same time, bound by destiny.

Krzyzacki Poker- Powstaniec

Sapkowski was one of a few writers, who in the s initiated the development of the heroic-fantasy genre in Poland, not copying, however, the literary output of robert e. An important component of many of the texts of alternative history is the historical revisionism visible in perceiving the real course of his- tory as, for some reasons, inappropriate or inequitable.

Anglo-Saxon countries, which want to insure themselves against the danger of revolution on their territory, reject democracy and introduce police system. However, the prose he created belongs to the genre of historical fantasy, which is spydhalski developing both in Poland, as well as in other countries par- ticularly Russia.

SuperNova 12 Polish krzyacii The figures described by his colorful pen became 2 Linda Hutcheon, The politics of postmodernism. Those, trans- forming ddariusz wolfs and gifted with superhuman speed and strength, arrive when summoned, but there are too few of them to be able to change the course of history. The knowledge of Trilogy but not only of it was therefore a kind of a language, it was building a sense of participation in culture and history, even a sense of belonging to the nation.


It is more inflicted than given; more open to interpre- tations and modifications than closed in a concrete narrative form and demanding only an emotional reception.

Krzyżacki poker. T. 2 by Dariusz Spychalski | LibraryThing

Artificial intelligence shifts a Polish independent battalion, during military maneuvers with full equipment, back into the time of the beginning of the second world war, as it thinks that during the defense war had been made mistakes which could be fixed. For this reason, the work divides into two parts: Howard or even J. The last one is, in the alternative reality, not so much a prominent Polish poet and a bard, but rather an inexorable and fanatical politician ac- cusing the entrepreneur of selling patents for ether weapon to rus- sians who supposedly used the opportunity and pacified a Polish up- rising in Lithuania aimed at attaching that province to the Duchy of warsaw.

A fantastic element of the novel is an inclusion of a futuristic, AI-controlled technology which gives a possibility of going back in time to a military unit in order to fix the mistakes that had occurred on the battlefield.

The author not only performs quantitative operations on the data obtained, but he also recognizes their social, cultural and historical location. Histori- cal Heroes in Contemporary Social Reception, show a situation when their subject field is goal- and reflection-oriented historiography the example of J.