DECRETO 4715 DE 2010 PDF

Decreto de 18 de abril de por el que se crea la Caja Nacional del Seguro de Vejez e Invalidez, preparando un .. National Policy on HIV and AIDS in the World of Work in Sri Lanka, Adoption: | LKAL According to the Decreto con Rango, Valor y Fuerza de Ley de Instituciones del On October 15, , PDVSA entered into a purchase agreement with. 4, 2, 3, 4, 3, .. Real Decreto.

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Spain – – Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. For the avoidance of doubt, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, any decision by PDVSA to extend the Exchange Offers, to defer the announcements of the results of the Exchange Offers, to defer the Settlement Date by up to five Business Days from the original date defined herein, to modify the exchange ratio for the calculation of the consideration payable to holders in respect of Existing Notes validly tendered under the Exchange Offers, or not to accept any or all Exchange Instructions in respect of the Existing Notes received by the Exchange Agent prior to the Expiration Date, shall not require us to extend the Withdrawal Deadline or entitle holders to withdraw any Exchange Instructions.

Purchases of crude oil and products, net. In making an investment decision regarding acceptance of the Exchange Df, you must rely on your own examination of the Issuer and the Guarantor and the terms of the Exchange Offers and the New Notes to be delivered 20110 the Exchange Offers, including decretk merits and risks involved.

Los asuntos de que trata esta orden son los siguientes: Spain – – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Orden por la que se establecen normas complementarias del reglamento sobre trabajos con riesgos de amianto. What do you use your car for? Venezuela is a party to and has complied with such agreements, and we expect that Venezuela will continue to comply with such production agreements with other OPEC members. Accordingly, copies of this offering circular and any related documents should not be mailed or otherwise forwarded, distributed or sent in, into or from the Republic of Italy and persons receiving such documents must not forward, distribute or send them in or into or from the Republic of Italy.

The market value of securities of Venezuelan companies, including us, is affected to varying degrees by economic and market conditions in other Latin American and developing countries.

Early Tender Deadline; Expiration Date.

Distribution of this offering circular to any other person other than the offeree and any person retained to advise such offeree with respect to the Exchange Offers is unauthorized, and any disclosure of any of its contents, without our prior written consent, is prohibited.

We cannot assure you that inflation will not continue at or increase from its current level. Our respective businesses, financial condition, results of operations and ability to satisfy our obligations under the New Notes could 2001 materially adversely affected by any of these risks. This decrease is primarily due to a decrease in the average settlement price to U.

We have decerto on an ambitious capital expenditure plan to expand and upgrade our existing production and refining capacity. The general rate of inflation as measured by the deceeto price index was approximately Find the right Fiat for you How many seats do you need?


The New Notes may not be publicly offered, sold or advertised, directly or indirectly, in or from Switzerland. Venezuela is a party to and has complied with such production agreement quotas, and we expect that Venezuela will continue to comply with such agreements in the future. If our cash flow and existing capital resources are insufficient to fund our debt obligations, we may be forced to reduce our planned capital expenditures, sell assets, seek additional equity or debt decgeto, or restructure our debt, and any of these actions, if completed, could adversely affect our business.

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Investing in the New Notes involves risks. All questions as to the form of all documents and the validity including time of receipt and acceptance of tenders and withdrawals of Existing Notes will be determined by PDVSA, in its sole discretion, which determination shall be final and binding. Orden de 19 de febrero de por la que se regulan los Centros de Recursos y los Servicios de Apoyo Escolar. The Guaranty by the Guarantor of the New Notes will rank effectively senior in right of payment to all other existing and future unsecured indebtedness, including the Existing Notes, to the extent of the value of the Collateral securing the New Notes.

Among the effects of the oil strike on the Venezuelan economy, was a decrease in the GDP of Exchange rates at period-end derived from exchange agreement with the BCV Bs. The following chart summarizes our corporate structure:. For a description of our critical accounting policies, please see note 4 of our annual audited consolidated financial statements. There are no guaranteed delivery provisions provided for in conjunction with the Exchange Offers under the terms of this offering circular.

Although we intend to finance a portion of our working capital and capital expenditure requirements with cash we expect to generate from operations, we will nonetheless need to raise substantial additional funds to fully fund our operations. If we are not able to adequately raise, deploy and invest the necessary capital to expand our existing refining and exploration infrastructure, our business may be materially and adversely affected.

Neither the Exchange Offers nor any of the information contained in this offering circular constitutes an offer or an invitation to offer, exchange or sell or a promotional message of any form to any person natural or legal resident in the Republic of Italy to purchase, exchange or acquire the New Notes, within the meaning of articles 1, par.

PDVSA does not accept any responsibility for any violation by any person of the restrictions applicable in any jurisdiction. Accordingly, we cannot assure noteholders that the proceeds of any sale or liquidation of the Collateral will be sufficient to satisfy, or will not be substantially less than, our obligations under the New Notes.

While as of July 31,the sale export price of crude oil was U.

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Reformas relativas a las penas correspondientes a delitos relacionados con actividad de bandas armadas o de elementos terroristas. Venezuela has experienced relatively high levels of inflation during much of the past two decades, despite the presence of price controls on many core goods during certain periods.


We have made no determination that the consideration to be received in the Exchange Offers represents a fair valuation of either the Existing Notes or the New Notes. The exchange rate for all other transactions was set at Bs. Differences on translation of foreign currency.

We have prepared this offering circular solely for use in connection with the Exchange Offers and take responsibility for its contents.

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If a Venezuelan court were to hold us subject to Venezuelan bankruptcy or insolvency laws, your ability to recover your investment in the New Notes will be impaired and will be subordinated to several creditors such as the bankruptcy trustee, secured creditors, our employees for any unpaid wages and labor benefits set forth in applicable collective bargaining agreements and Venezuelan labor law including profit-sharing payments, accrued but unpaid vacation and severance and the Venezuelan treasury for unpaid taxes, among others.

Your desire for discovery. From May to the date of this offering circular, the aforementioned transactions have been successfully executed with GE Capital Financing, Inc. Although delivery of the Existing Notes may be effected through book-entry at DTC, an Exchange Instruction and any other required documents, must be transmitted to and received by the Exchange Agent at its address set forth on the back cover of this offering circular prior to the applicable Expiration Date in order for the holder of such Existing Notes to be eligible to receive the applicable Consideration.

Total comprehensive income attributable to:. In addition, we conduct part of our business through subsidiaries and joint ventures, none of which except for the Guarantor are obligated under the New Notes or the Guaranty. Accordingly, figures shown for the same category presented in different tables may vary slightly, and figures shown as totals in certain tables may not be an arithmetic aggregation of the figures that precede them.

Certain figures included in this offering circular have been subject to rounding adjustments. The net output of refined petroleum products including output representing our equity interest in refineries held by our affiliates in the United States and Europe was 2, mbpd inas compared to 2, mbpd in Any such increased expenditure may affect our results of operations and financial condition. We are controlled by the Venezuelan government, which ultimately determines our capital investment and other spending programs.

Subject to existing contractual and regulatory restrictions, we may from time to time purchase any Existing Notes that remain outstanding after consummation of the Exchange Offers through open market or privately negotiated transactions, one or more tender or exchange offers or otherwise, on terms that may be more advantageous to holders than the terms of the Exchange Offers.

In addition, some or all of the pledged shares may be illiquid, and may have to be sold at a substantial discount in an insolvency situation or otherwise.