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Home / Gynecology / SOMETECH / High Frequency Coagulation for Cervical Erosion / Dr. Oppel ST info Specification. RADIO FREQUENCY ELECTROSURGICAL DEVICE ST The Symbol of ND/YAG laser. ElectroSurgical uilt. Dr. Oppel. (Focusing (Defocusing. (Contact). Buy Dr Oppel ST Radio wave coagulator Radiosurgery apparatuses in Kharkov Ukraine — from Sistem Medikals, ChP in catalog Allbiz!.

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The field is wrongly filled. Change of functionality due to change of an electrode and regulation of output power of the main unit Full preservation of functionality during the work in the damp environment liquid The low voltage due to use of current of VCh is provided by lack of sparking, carbonization and damages of adjacent d.roppel of fabric.

Set of electrodes for the general surgery and a proktologiya 1.

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Dr Oppel ST Radio wave coagulator buy in Kharkov

Oppel ST — the utility surgical knife developed with use of the last achievements of medical equipment. Dr Oppel ST Radio wave coagulator. Set of electrodes for neurosurgery, orthopedics and 1 The message must not be more than symbols.


Your question has been sent successfully. Set of electrodes for dermatology, plastic surgery and urology 1 13 g. Device electrosurgical high-frequency Dr Oppel ST Set of dr.oopel for obstetrics and gynecology 1 13b. It is capable to carry out cuts, coagulation, their combination and bipolar coagulation with the optimum wavelength which excellent reproduction is based on experience of the producer and its know-how.

We created a Personal Account for you to make the process of buying faster and easier in the future. He allows to perform exact and difficult surgeries.

The device considerably facilitates different carrying out operational intervention by means of a digital control the device. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you. We recommend to see Defibrillator. Ukraine, Kharkov View map. Safety can be guaranteed also by the fact that this system is protected from blow by current and a burn Possesses the minimum painful and harmful effects in comparison with other devices used in surgery Excellent opportunities at coagulation and operation not only in band surgery, but also in endoscopic surgery Functions of bipolar and monopolar coagulation Possibility of work in the continuous or pulse mode Big range of electrodes unlimited application Is more available at the price, it is much convenient in application Technical characteristics of Dr.


Dr Oppel ST-501 Radio wave coagulator

Obligatory field is not filled. I agree to receive offers from other companies. Equipment for oxygen lines. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols. Breathing apparatus, respirators, resuscitation suits. Oppel ST current VCh generator 1 The maintenance instruction in Russian 1 Wire long cable 2,5 m 1 Wire short cable 2,5 m 1 Patient’s plate big 1 Patient’s plate small 1 Patient’s plate disposable 5 Case for electrodes 1 Cord for a disposable plate 1 Food cable 1 Pedal 1 Cart 1 Set of electrodes at choice 13a.