EC DATA STRUCTURES AND OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN C ++. Two Mark .. Write short notes on virtual base class. A base class that is. Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming in C++ Notes Anna EC Digital Electronics Lecture Notes for ECE Third Semester. Analog circuits use a continuous range of voltage as opposed to discrete levels as in digital circuits. Ec lecture notes 1 4 subtracted out to generate any.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. T Th12 and 1: Thursdays pm and by appointment only Required Text: Gregory Mankiw, Macroeconomics, 9th edition,available at the BC Notee or direct from the publisher or Amazon, see further information on page 9 Also required: Aplia see below, at the very end of the syllabus, page 10 Also required: Simple calculator — no graphing calculators will be allowed.

Please buy one in advance before our first midterm exam. This course provides an introduction to the modern theory and practice of macroeconomics. It covers lscture variety of classic questions in macroeconomics including: What are the determinants of long-run economic growth? Why do economies regularly experience booms and recessions? Why is there unemployment? What determines the value of money in an economy? The course focuses particular attention on how macroeconomic policy monetary and fiscal affects outcomes in these dimensions, and on using the tools of the field to evaluate ec22202 policy responses to current events.

The total amount of reading in this course is modest, but the prudent student will notrs it several times. I highly recommend that you read the material assigned before we discuss it in class, and then read it again afterwards.

Department of Economics EC2202.06 (TTh 1:30-2:45)

The course material is cumulative, with each topic building on prior ones, so missing classes and falling behind are particularly bad ideas. Supplements and Current Economic News: I will also post a set of supplements for the course, prepared by Prof.

Bob Murphy, on our BB Vista. These Supplements will often go into more depth than the textbook or highlight issues not directly covered in the text. As time allows, we will discuss some of these in class, but most of them are for your own enjoyment.

I also encourage you to follow current economic issues by reading on a daily basis one of the major national newspapers e. Fortune, Business Week and the Economist magazines also are good sources for keeping up on economic events.

We will frequently discuss the current state of lecutre economy and current policy debates in class, and homework and exams are likely to ask you for an informed discussion of current events.

I will post articles of interest to you on our Canvas Website. If you see something related to one of our topics, send it to me, and I may pass it on to your classmates. I encourage discussion in class by asking you questions, which I urge you to think about and answer. I also encourage you to ask questions in class, especially when you are confused. If you are confused, so are many of your classmates. Do us all a favor, and speak up! I take attendance and class participation will determine part of your grade see below.


I urge you to study this material together. You can learn as much from each other oecture you can from the textbook or from class. You should be familiar with these tools in lecutre.

I will assign problem sets from Aplia. Some of these will be graded, and some problem sets will be for practice only. These problem sets are to be handed in during class on the due dates. I urge you to work through these problems and check the answer keys. You may work together on the problem sets. You may work in groups, but each student must turn in her or his own work. Aplia does not accept late homework. Dates are to be determined.

If you have to miss a midterm, please let me know as soon as you know it.

Alexander C. Lembcke

Please note that I can only use my discretion to excuse you from the exam, when I receive formal notification from your dean about your case. There will be NO make-up exams; if you miss an exam, the weights on your subsequent exams will be increased proportionately. Any unverified absence from an exam will result in a zero score for that exam. The policy analysis assignment will be due on the last week of the course. This assignment will allow you to chose a current event and analyze it with the macro tools and models we developed in class during the semester.

It is a short analysis pages, 1. It will mimic our group presentations, but this time it is solo. You can pick any topic we covered in class. It has to be directly related to what we covered in class and macro theory. Investment, stock market analysis, financial analysis lectuge, op-eds or blogs from financial market analysts are not good choices.

Utilizing at least one interactive graph is required. These nktes will shape your grade. Definitely include at least one graphical analysis.

BOSTON COLLEGE Department of Economics EC 2202 Macroeconomic Theory Spring 2016

Groups will consist of five students each. I will assign a different topic to each group during the semester. Each group will have one week to prepare a brief presentation before the class. Presentations will be in power point or a similar media format. Each presentation will be minutes max minutes per student. Below is a guideline for presenters: You can start communicating via e-mail. Below is a guideline for graders: All lecture notes; homework assignments, project instructions, as well as some supplementary material will be available on Canvas.


Please check Canvas frequently as the additional problem sets, answer keys, notes, announcements and more will be posted there as. In addition, Worth Publishers has a web site that accompanies the textbook http: If you cannot make my scheduled office hours, and would like to set up an appointment to see me, please send me your academic schedule courses you are taking, their meeting times and professors, and classroom locations and I will try to find time for you.

Academic Integrity, Disability Services: There will be no exceptions. Boston College is committed to providing equal and integrated access for students with disabilities to all available academic, social, and recreational programs and activities.

The Disability Services Office at Boston College ensures that students with disabilities receive appropriate accommodations and assistance in order to participate fully in University programs. Students requiring assistance are advised to get in touch with the Office of the Dean for Student Development on the web at http: Here are some suggestions that may help you to have the best chance to do well in my class: The purpose of the course is to teach you something, not to toss out information and see how much sinks in.

I will update it weekly to indicate our progress on the outline. If you develop flu symptoms, do not go to class.

BOSTON COLLEGE Department of Economics EC Macroeconomic Theory Spring

Try to keep up with class assignments using the materials available on BB Vista and notify your dean and me. Course Outline Preliminary and subject to change at the instructors discretion 1st and 2nd week Part I: The Science of Macroeconomics summary 2. The Economy in the Long Run 3. The Economy in the Long Run continued 4. Its Causes, Effects, and Social Costs 6.

The Open Economy 7. The Economy in the Very Long Run 8. Capital Accumulation and Population Growth 9. The Economy in the Short Run Introduction to Economic Fluctuations The Open Economy Revisited: Topics in Macroeconomic Policy Alternative Perspectives on Stabilization Policy Government Debt and Budget Deficits Opportunities and Dangers covered during the semester, built in several chapter 8 Purchasing options for the course textbook and Aplia package: For other purchasing options, check out: Can Erbil Start Date: In just 10 years, more than one billion answers have been submitted through Aplia, the premier online assignment solution.

Millions of students use Aplia to better prepare for class and for their exams. Follow the prompts to register for your Aplia course.