EVANGELIZACIÓN LIBERADORA INTEGRAL. Dra. Emma Limón. Formulario de Inscripción para la. Asamblea Internacional, Q. Roo, México. Made with the. There is a new movement here called “Evangelización Liberadora Integral” ELI ( Integral Liberating Evangelization or something like that). Since , he has served as music director for the New Orleans Center for Evangelizacion Liberadora Integral (ELI). Born and raised in New Orleans to.

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Letting go of loved ones, even before they are really even gone, shows that you are following the footsteps of our Dearest Mother. Padre Antelmo Varela Quiroz. I also recall the warning from Jesus, “If you save your life you will lose it. I can’t find ijtegral online. Find all posts by Ron Conte. However there are other Bishops libdradora Mexico who have approved and encouraged her courses. Padre Luis Barrera 55 y Parroquia San Antonio de Padua.

Perhaps if you know anyone in the city of Toluca or Ecatepec state of Mexico that is in this movement, you could get this book you are looking for. Contact Us – Evangelixacion.

And I have very good news from youbrowsing the ELI webpage I found the adresses, phone numbers and e-mails from all their centers.

As far as I know, her case in under study by the Vatican and the Holy See will issue a declaration on her soon. This subject about ELI was discussed in the spanish forum of Catholic.


Alex Castillo

What you mention about the famine and Mexico is a little related to this comment I heard once. Emma Limon, world famous for her investigations on some eye sicknesses. The time now is Net – Archive – Top. Find all posts by Joey.

Send a private message to Joey. Mario, You, Geralyn, and Brother Benjamin all have my prayers, and I applaud you llberadora your faith and courage.

Thank you Ron for your comment on Mexico. What I heard no way to confirm if this is true or not is that our Cardinal and Archbishop Juan Sandoval asked the chief exorcist father Jesus Ceja to read this books and they were forbidden here because of his negative judgment. User Name Remember Me? All times are GMT. What will happen to Mexico?

And I will stay put until lliberadora put is not possible, if you see what I mean? Send a private message to Ron Conte. Limon, the Father said we should start growing our own food in our rooftops possibly in preparation for the great famine.

I have a relative involved with ELI, and she has commented that in some revelation to Dr. Can you find for me some of those messages, preferably in English, but if not then in Spanish? Parroquia de San Vicente de Paul. I hope this relative of integrzl that has them allows me to copy that message. Cerrada Laguna del Carmen 99 Col. The only safe place is directly in liberadofa center of God’s Will.


However, this movement is authorized and encouraged in other dioceses of Mexico, so I think we should better wait for the position of the Holy See about this person, if her revelations are compatible with Catholic Doctrine and Holy Scripture.

Can you get me a copy of the entire book to borrow? However, you can find some information in spanish about this movement in their webpage: May peace and grace be abundantly yours.

What will happen to Mexico? – Page 2 – discussion group

Jaime Lucas Ortega Alamino. She has been involved with the Charismatic Renovation Movement for many years and has started this movement based on her own private revelations and prayer methodology ELI is surrounded in some controversy, it has approved by some bishops and rejected by others in Mexico. San Vicente de Paul. Her crime was this: Padre Alex Ignacio y email: Page 2 of 2.

Some regard her as the “mexican Vassula”.