rior del atlas, asociado a una fractura longitudinal y oblicua del odontoides Desc: ATLAS CERVICAL/ lesiones; APÓFISIS ODONTOIDES; FRACTURAS. Se describe un caso de fractura tipo II de la odontoides con luxación atlanto- Fijación interna de fracturas; Apófisis odontoides; Traumatismos vertebrales. Title: Fractura de la apófisis odontoides con supervivencia. Un hallazgo de paleopatología. (Spanish); Alternate Title: Surviving the odontoid apophysis fracture.

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Mean leakage to the liver 24 hours after injection was 0. Primary total knee replacement TKR for the treatment for a fracture of the knee joint is a rare indication, even at major treatment centers. IA injection with saline solution 0. In this work the matrix characteristics are compared with the reinforced material in different production stages, using an optical and electronic microscopy, EDS, tensile, fatigue and ultramicrohardness tests.

Multiple rib fractures associated with cough.

Fracturas del axis | Revista Española de Cirugía Ortopédica y Traumatología

Mean age was El puntaje DASH promedio fue de The goals of this study were to determine 1 the prevalence of peroneal tendon displacement accompanying intra-articular calcaneal fractures, 2 the association of tendon displacement with fracture classifications, 3 the association of tendon displacement with heel width, and 4 the rate of missed diagnosis of the tendon displacement on radiographs and computed tomography CT scans and the resulting treatment rate.

The operation is based on the premise that subtle and longstanding facet instability, joint space reduction, and subsequent facet override had a profound and primary influence in the pathogenesis of degenerative lumbar canal stenosis.

Additionally, the technique uses common orthopedic surgical instruments, leading to a minimal learning curve for novice surgeons. The aim of this study to compare the effect of intra-articular injection of corticosteroid and conventional transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator TENS treatment in treatment of rotator cuff tendinitis.

The methodology utilized across the guidelines was heterogeneous regarding the evidence inclusion criteria, analysis of evidence results, formulation of clinical practice recommendations, and work group composition. The described technique allows for temporary intra-articular distraction and visualization and preservation of the articular surface with extra-articular instrumentation. Both patients returned to playing soccer at the preinjury activity level and demonstrated excellent defect filling in both magnetic resonance imaging and second-look arthroscopy in one of them.


Besides, it allows to make postoperative readjustments and enables the exploration, diagnosis, and treatment of the orbital floor fractures.

Patients between 50 and 80 years of age were randomized into three groups. The fractures were classified according the Sanders tomographic system.

Intra-articular morphine in horses. Meta-regression analyses of randomized trials.

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The patients present significant post-operative pain improvement, with great reduction in the use of analgesics. Traditional intra-articular apofisix are not recommended in guidelines as first line therapy, but are potential alternatives, when conventional therapies have failed. This combined method may provide early return to patient’s daily activity. A new instrument for calculating year absolute fracture risk. Conservative treatment was performed with endobronchial stenting and balloon dilatation.

A systematic review and meta-regression analyses of available randomized trials were conducted. Thirty-one hips underwent thirty-five athletic pubalgia surgeries. Secondary outcomes included operation time and functional recovery. The aim of the study is to evaluate the results of minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis using locking plates in treating tibial pilon fractures in terms of fracture union, restoration of ankle function and complications.

Las fracturas mas prevalentes fueron 5 casos de fracturas unilaterales y 6 casos de fracturas bilaterales. La fuerza muscular fue de M5 en 17 pacientes y de M4 en 9.

apófisis – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

In this paper, we present a case and the method of our management, in whom host tissue reaction foreign body granuloma, edema, inflammation, and redness induration has been observed, as the first and unique adverse effect reported in the literature. El tiempo de seguimiento posoperatorio fue de Intra-articular injection of two different doses of autologous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells versus hyaluronic acid in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: The MCL was not repaired.


Therapeutic effectiveness and arthrographic pattern. When two treatments are compared, it may be concluded that intra-articular steroid injection was more effective especially in the first weeks regarding pain, ROM and apofisid. In addition, there were no severe relevant complications during the whole process of injection and follow-up period.

The authors carried out a study to analyze the incidence of maxillofacial fractures related to sports from to Profilaxis perioperatoria en fracturas de cadera. Treatment with PRGF-Endoret was significantly more efficient than treatment with Durolane HA in reducing knee pain and stiffness and improving physical function in patients with knee OA.

Early minimally invasive reduction and fixation of complex high velocity pilon fractures gave very satisfactory results at a minimum of two years follow-up.

The aim of this systematic review was to assess the effectiveness of HA intra-articular injections in the management of osteoarthritic knee pain. Of an original 21 patients whose SF was characterized acutely following intra-articular ankle fractures, 7 returned for planned hardware syndesmotic screw removal after bone healing approximately 6 months and consented to a second bilateral SF collection.

The decrease of VAS scores seen at the first 2 weeks continued steadily up to the end of 12th week. The following outcome measure instruments will be assessed at baseline, i. A Delphi method consensus initiative among experts in Italy. We performed this retrospective case—control study to investigate the efficacy of achieving an immediate treatment response using the K-method. Hay que individualizar el protocolo de tratamiento en cada caso. The distribution according the type of fracture was: In both treatment groups, paracetamol consumption decreased in time Protator cuff tendinitis.

This study included 70 patients.