Geographia Polonica () vol. 91, iss. 2, pp. | Full text. Geographia Polonica () vol. Special issue for the 21st International. Geographia Polonica is a scientific geographic journal that has been published.

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Geographia Polonica () vol. 14 – Geographia Polonica

Geographia Polonica is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organisation of the Polish Academy goegraphia Sciences. This page is based on framework dLibra 5.

We encourage contributors to send in their papers and other content, such as reviews and reports, for publication. Spatial variability of the effect has been recorded, resulting from the climatic conditions of a given region. The analysis was carried out in an area of particular strategic importance for the European Community and Russia, which is the Polish-Russian borderland. The case of Polish-Russian borderland.

Geographia Polonica vol. However, there is still a lack of empirical research on the spatial variation of the population change within such cities. Kondracki as well as his theoretical assumptions and the criteria used to distinguish units, which makes it a logical continuation of his regional division.

At the same time we have observed a transformation from a planning economy to the free market economy which has had an important implications for tourism development and its spatial structure in the Gegoraphia.

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Index of land consolidation as a criterion of the degree of concentration. An important generator of problems here has been the multi-ethnic composition of the population, a source of diffuse political processes often even giving rise to conflict. Changing patterns of air traffic in the Baltic Sea Geographoa in connection to European integration.

The polarisation-equalization dynamics has a direct influence over the pplonica of population, industry, financial resources, environmental load, and other domains of the Baltic region.


Since — as a journal with two issues per year Spring and Autumnand since there are four issues per year March, July, October, December. Geographical aspects of rural-urban interaction: If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted. The detailed analysis of the spatial variability of the effect of NAO on water levels in lakes concerned 19 lakes with statistically uniform hydrometric material.

For topics on particular articles, maintain the dialogue through the usual channels with your editor. Approaches to the study of man-environment interactions: In the course of theoretical treeline conditioned by macrotopography and local climate, the mass-elevation effect is visible, and on the N slope, additionally, a sub-summit downward shift the Diablak effect occurs. Polish Perspectives 3 66 Urbanization and settlement system 38 Influence of petrographical differentiation of granitoids on land relief.

Laying bare the controversy. Structures of Biogeographical complexes, with Palearctic Papilionoidea as an example.

Geographia Polonica

Maria DobrowolskaCollege of Pedagogy, Cracow. This is not just the highest possible score for a Polish journal outside of the Philadelphia List, but also the absolute highest possible score for a geographical periodical.

Vegetation maps as a tool in environmental assessment and spatial planning Vol. Essays on agricultural typology and land utilization 18 Map of economic regions of the world. An attempt has also been made to assess pasture landscape durability. In the present study an attempt is made to work out the waterbalance of a group of interconnected lakes forming one hydrographiesystem. The originality of this research is in the processing of large amounts of data 30 meters resolution images and medium-scale topographic maps on vast areas and the construction of maps allowing analyzing the data on a new scale.

Extreme meteorological and hydrological events in Poland Polonuca. Nowadays this trend is not only seen in large urban areas but also in the medium-sized towns and cities of Eastern Europe.


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Special issue, the 23rd International Geographical Congress, Moscow, 32 The chart shows the ratio of a journal’s documents signed by researchers from more than one country; that is including more than one country address. Visegrad countries in global production networks: Perspectives on spatial analysis 24 The problems arising in assessment of lake water balances have notyet been adequately studied, the respective investigations being ofrecent date.

The physico-geographical regionalization of European countries. Jan Henrik Nilsson [ jan-henrik. In this paper the focus has been placed on the role of that borders play in the construction of space, especially in relation to attractive natural areas in the borderlands of Poland, whether or not they are protected.

Cities in the transforming post-communist countries: In a more critical and analytical sense this involves interrogating the actual use of borders in politically and ideologically framing national interests within a wider Europeancontext. A method of distinguishing and specifying vertical climatic zones in temperate zone mountains with the Western Carpathians and the Eastern Alps as examples. The local border traffic zone experiment as an instrument of cross-border integration: The year saw the launching of several initiatives.

In many cases, somefar-reaching changes in meso- and macroregions were made. The essay begins with a brief discussion of Europeanisation processes understood in terms of the promotion of cross-border cooperation CBC in Central Europe. Verification and adjustment of boundaries on the basis of contemporary spatial data.