Super Commando Dhruva (सुपर कमांडो ध्रुव) is a fictional character, an Indian On his first professional assignment Dhruv is up HATYARA KAUN. SCD taught me about pasteurization (Hatyara kaun), electrical conductivity, Dr. Virus is acting super smart by trapping Dhruv, Saamri (the fire. Superman · – Captain America. SUPER COMMANDO DHRUV comics hatyara- kaun. Privacy Policy | Contact Us | Disclaimer.

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Baal Charit series – Part 2 Published in paperback and hardbound special edition with alternative cover art.

Anupam Sinha returned with a Dhruva solo title after a four-year hiatus, his last Dhruva solo being Game Over released back in Aadamkhoron Ka Swarg by Anupam Sinha. First special issue published dhguv Raj Comics. These strips are usually humorous and are targeted towards young children as part of a promotional policy to expand the publisher’s reader base.

Super Commando Dhruva Series by Anupam Sinha

Published by Kushal Srivastava. First part of a two-part story [3]. Steel in a guest appearance. Dhruva Digest 8 [37]. Original cover art [9] Cover art for the reprints [10].


Retrieved 22 June Unintentional Messages from Indian Advertisements. You are commenting using your WordPress. Shelve Aadamkhoron Ka Swarg. Rajnagar Rakshak series – Part 1 Published in paperback and hardbound special edition. Cover also features other Raj Comics superheroes, but they are not seen in the issue.

Shadyantra by Anupam Sinha. Hatayari Rashiyan by Anupam Sinha. Dhvaniraaj hafyara the name of the black creature. Shelve Pratishodh Ki Jwala. Ok karkash is the name of the fella.

Five years later, inRaj comics published a page epilogue to the iconic 8-part series, thus laying a foundation for sequel to Nagayana, Mahanagayana. After that they export the dead viruses to Korea for consumption.

Dhruv 037 SCD – Hatyara Kaun

Read Currently Reading Want to Read. Pratishodh Ki Jwala by Anupam Sinha.

A conclave to determine the murderer of Dhruv has… More. Quiz Master by Anupam Sinha. Cover art for the reprints [10]. Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references.

List of Dhruva comics – Wikipedia

Virus says they are deadly human ahtyara machines, so they must be. This list presents all these titles in order of publication; it also includes titles in which Dhruva does not appear but which are related to the character. Notify me of new comments via email.


City without a hero series – Part 3 Released in paperback and a special limited edition hardbound collector’s edition.

Remembering Super Commando Dhruv

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your dhrug here Many Dhruva titles have been reprinted in trade paperback format. Shala’s loyalty towards Dhruv and her exploits ha… More. Some of the titles have been translated in English and published in trade paperback format.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Following trade paperbacks collected English reprints of Raj Comics titles featuring Dhruva in one or more, but not all, of its collected material. Fill in your details below or click an shruv to log in: A list of titles related to Dhruva, however, the character itself doesn’t appear in these titles. He could talk kahn any animal and could breathe under water.

Vinaash Ke Vriksh by Anupam Sinha.