Buy Wirtschaftsrecht 11′ Aktiengesetz (AktG), GmbH-Gesetz (GmbHG), Handelsgesetzbuch (HGB), Gewerbeordnung (GewO), Gesetz gegen. von § Abs. I HGB – Stichprobeninventur – oder aufgrund jedes anderen vom Gesetz zugelasse-nen Inventurverfahren festgestellt wird. While the loss was shown in the HGB statements, the profit was . to the German tax law “Einkommens Steuer Gesetz (EStG)”; and because.

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Vergleichen Sie dazu bitte http: To compare with the current status of the German version, see http: The translation Book 5 includes the amendment s to the Act by Article 5 of the Act of 5. Translations of the other Books to be published shortly. For conditions governing use of this translation, please see the information provided under “Translations”. Time Limit on Liability. Book One Commercial Entities. Section 8 Commercial Register.

Section 8b Business Register. Section 10 Publication of the Entries. Section 12 Applications for Registration, and Submissions.

Sections 13a to 13c deleted. Section 13d Seat or Main Office Abroad. Section 15a Service by Publication. Part Three Commercial Business Name. Part Four Books of Account.

Sections 38 to 47b deleted. Sections 66 to 72 deleted. Sections 76 to 82 deleted. Part Seven Commercial Agents. Part Eight Commercial Brokers. Part Nine Provisions on Regulatory Offences. Section a Provision on Regulatory Offences. Part One General Partnership. Title One Formation of a Partnership. Sections to deleted.


Sections and deleted. Title Five Liquidation of the Partnership. Title Six Statute of Limitations. Part Two Partly Limited Partnership.

Part Three Silent Partnership. Fifth Book Maritime trade. Chapter 1 Persons involved in shipping. Chapter 2 Transport contracts. Subchapter 1 Contracts for the carriage of goods by sea. Title 1 Contract for the carriage of general cargo. Subtitle 1 General regulations. Section Primary duties; scope of application. Section General information regarding the goods.

Section Dangerous goods. Section Packing; leading marks. Section Seaworthiness and cargoworthiness. Section Handover of the goods for carriage; loading; reloading; discharge.

Section Accompanying documents. Section Liability of the shipper and of third parties. Section Termination by the shipper.

Section Subsequent instructions. Section Obstacles to carriage and delivery. Section Payment; calculation of freight. Section Rights of consignee; duty to pay. Section Subsequent carrier. Section Ranking order of several liens. Subtitle 2 Liability for loss of or physical damage to the goods. Section Grounds for liability. Section Particular grounds for exclusion of liability.

Section Inadmissible loading and stowing of goods on deck. Section Responsibility for other persons.

Handelsrecht & Gesellschaftsrecht –

Section Compensation based upon value. Section Assessment costs. Section Limit of liability in the event the goods are damaged. Section Unit of account. Section Non-contractual claims. Section Gesetxestext barring exemptions from liability and limitations of liability.

Section Actual carrier. Section Notice of damage. Section Presumption of loss. Section Divergent arrangements. Subtitle 3 Accompanying documents. Section Entitlement to issuance of a bill of lading. Section Contents of the bill of lading. Section Bill of lading format; authorisation to issue statutory instruments.


Section Evidentiary effect of the bill of lading. Section Position of Reeder when carrier data are inadequate. Section Entitlement under the bill of lading; legitimation. Section Carrying out instructions. Section Delivery in exchange for the bill of lading. Section Liability for inaccurate information in the bill of lading.

Section Divergent provision made in the bill of lading.

Section Sea waybill; authorisation to issue statutory instruments. Title 2 Voyage charter contract. Section Voyage charter contract.


Gesetzestect Port of loading; loading wharf. Section Notice of readiness for loading. Section Loading time; laytime on demurrage. Section Loading and stowing goods. Section Partial carriage. Section Termination by the carrier.

Section Discharge from the ship. Subchapter 2 Contracts for the carriage of passengers and their luggage. Section Scope of application. Section Liability of the carrier for personal injuries. Section Liability of the carrier for physical damage to luggage and damages resulting from delays in the re-delivery of luggage.

Section Limit of liability for personal injury.

Section Limit of liability for physical damage to luggage and damages due to delays in the re-delivery of luggage. Section Interest and costs of court proceedings. Section Conduct barring limitation of liability. Section Concurrent claims. Section Lapse of claims to compensation of damages.

Section Divergent agreements.