Dua E Hizbul Bahr – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Basha’ir Al Khairat – Arabic Text. Uploaded by. TAQWA (Singapore). HIZBUL BAHR. THE LITANY OF THE SEA. By Imam Shadhili Rahimahullah. For Protection against any harm, Jinn, Sihr, enemies, evil effects, and for. Nov 17, Hizbul Bahr- The litany of the sea. Hizbul Bahr- The litany of the Sea- Arabic-English-Transliteration-Imam Shadhili.

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Thou plea to Thee is for protection, in movements and moments of rest, in words, desires, and passing thoughts, from doubts, suppositions and fancies-veilings, they, over hearts, occluding sight of the unseen.

Hizb al-Bahr Litany of the Sea a unique litany made of Quranic verses and supplications, it bshr a powerful invocation read by multitudes throughout the Muslim world, it was taught by the Prophet to Sidi Abul Hasan al-Shadhili – the renowned Wali’Allah “Friend of Allah” whilst travelling to Hajj.

Hizbul Bahr

Yet, they would race forward to the path. Assalamualaikum, I would like to know if I can recite Hizb ul Bahr?

Li tunzira qawmam-ma undhira aabaa-uhum fahum ghafiloon. Alhumdullilahi rabbil aalameen wal-aaqibaatu lilmutaqina was-salatu was-salamu alla rasullihi muhammadioun wa-allihi wa-aashabihi wa-aahli baitihi wa-azwajihi wa-zurriyatihi ajmaeena bi-rehmatika yaa aarhamurraheemin.

Muhammad Ahson Raza 27 December at You hit or slap your left hand on the floor. He said, ”I have been divinely ordered to go on pilgrimage this year. If it had been with the inhabitants of Baghdad, the Tatars would not have taken the city. Sustain us, for Thou art the best of sustainers.


Let it bear us along as it by miraculous intervention, with security and well-being, in religion, worldly affairs, and the hereafter. Render subservient to us everything, “O Thou, whose hand holds sovereignty over aarabic Q. Let their faces be submissive before the Living, the Self-Subsistent, For he who is hib with wrong has already met frustration.

The power is on the Word Bimillah and its secrets please see my article; If it had been with the inhabitants of Baghdad, the Tatars would not have taken the city.

Shadhili-Darqawi Text and links Source : Hizb ul Bahr – Litany of the Sea -Shadhili

Earnest -means Seriousness, fixed determination, importance, eagerness; intentness. Or any other personal issue.

You should wear ihram follow Islamic laws when in arsbic condition. Thou art powerful over all things. Be a companion for us on our journey, and a substitute for our households. Kaf ha’ ya’ ‘ayn sad Kaf ha’ ya’ ‘ayn sad Kaf ha’ ya’ ‘ayn sad. Maliki youmadeen iyyakanabudu waiyyaka nastaeen. First read 4 times, surah kafirun, surah ikhlas, surah falak, and surah nas.

And a full ‘ijaza of Sirr-secrets to access its spiritual power also given by people of ijaza too. There is no force and no power except with God, the High, the Mighty.

We continued our journey easily and successfully with incidents the telling of which would consume a long time. Bismillahil ladhee la yadurru ma’asmihi shayun fil ardi wa la fis-samaa-i wa huwas-sami’ul ‘aleem. E heedi nassi ratal. Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful There are 29 verses in this su Help us, for Thou art the best of helpers.


The reading Hizbul Bahr with hand movements and blowing is what i was taught by my old Sufi master many years ago. Ha’ mim ‘ayn sin qaf Q Than start your reading for that day, every day of the course you have to repeat the same way. Anonymous 21 June at Ar-Rahman is a help for everyone who believes in Bahe.

Wa idh “yaqulul munafiquna wal-ladheena fi qulubihim maradun ma wa’adanallahu wa rasuluhu illa ghurura. Among them were the Christian’s sons. Hizb ul Bahr – Litany of the Sea in English.

Innaka ‘ala kulli shayin qadeer. Then the hypocrites would say, with those of disease-ridden hearts, “God and His Messenger promised us only delusion. The Christian related that to the shaykh, and he [the Christian] converted to Islam. Consequently, he sold his vessel and performed the bahd with us, along with his sons.

No god is there except Him. We remained there about a week within sight of the hills of Cairo.