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IEC TC57 WG IEC Security Standards for the Power. System Information Infrastructure. Frances Cleveland, WG15 Convenor. PDF | On Jan 1, , Sebastian Obermeier and others published Assessing the Security of IEC IEC is the current standard for security in energy management systems an associated data exchange. It describes measures to comply with the four major.

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Prove the quality and interoperability of your IEC devices and implementation s As grids become smarter with more integrated IT, security becomes a larger and larger risk factor. Data and communications need to be safeguarded to protect critical infrastructure and maintain a reliable energy supply.

The IEC standard offers an internationally accepted for delivering that security. And 62315 with it ensures performance and interoperability, making systems and components more attractive to network operators.


In addition, it allows you to solve any compliance issues during development. As a result, network operators can implement IEC and IEC based systems and devices without additional risk and ensure industry standard protection according to IEC To make certain that your products are tested efficiently and effectively, we work with you to prepare a customised test plan that may cover any further technical specifications you might require.

Subsequently, our highly skilled engineers perform the agreed services at our state-of-the-art laboratories, or at a location of your choosing.

After testing, we 662351 you with a complete test report. If any tests are failed, you receive additional information to shine a light on the cause of the issue s.

IPCOMM, Protocols: IEC

You can also call on our support and experience to achieve full compliance. Work with the leading test lab Through years of participation in international user and standardisation groups, such as UCAIUG and IEC we ic gained a deep understanding of the standard.


Real-life implementations at end-users as well as hundreds of tested devices at our leading test lab built up our practical experience. Breadcrumbs Energy Services Protocol standardization and testing. Introduction to IEC Watch the video.

Cyber Security Health Test Download our brochure. IEC test suite What if your equipment appears to be non-interoperable?

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IEC compliance and verification services Service. IEC conformance testing Service.

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