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Jenayat Va Mokafat (Shojaedin Shafa). 2 likes. Book. Read about Jenayat Va Mokafat [] by Written By: Fyodor Mikahailovich Dostoyevsky and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Download Jenayat Va Mokafat – Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Part , Size: MB , File name: Jenayat Va Mokafat – Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Part.

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Haji Aqa Haji Aqa. Murder and Catastrophe 2 Jenayat va Mokafat 2 Bakhsh: Shariati the greatest Sugar Coater of Islam!

Besharat, Khoda be Zadgahash Baz Migardad! Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Answer to History: What do We Want? Controversial Book about the true face of Islam. Translation of ‘ Adieu Gary Cooper’. Many of his books are still being taught in universities inside Iran under different names Books on Criminology and other subjects ; therefore, using aliases was a positive tactic!

These books are by jneayat historians and scholars such as: Shaikh of Deception Poetry Sheykh-e Riya. Haji Jehayat Haji Aqa.


Stories and Satires Zobeydeh the Almond! There is no Absolute Good or Evil. Exploring Hafez and his philosophy Hafez: Salman Rushdie Best selling controversial author Satanic Verses A poetic controversial testimony and a classic piece of literature exposing Muhammad, Quran and Islam.

Our Officers Afsaran-e Ma. Read Them, spread the wisdom, shall the truth be learned by all. Chronicles of the Fictional Zarathustra, the founder of the Zoroastrianism Philosophy.

Persian Translation of World Famous Fiction

Comics Quran va Hadis dar Tasvir: Translation of ‘Terrible house’. Iran Online Persian Library. Exposing Sufism and Mysticism Sufism Sufi-gari. Shaikh of San’an Sheykh-e San’an. Very sensitive insider memoirs from the inside of the Imperial Iran courthouse. What do Pan Iranists Want?

Translation of ‘War and peace’. IPC operating since March 30, Good Behavior Pak-Khuyi God is with us! Omar Khayyam Rubaiyat Quatrains of Omar Khayyam Omar Khayyam, the great Persian poet, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher explores the meaning of love and life in his Rubaiyat.


Resaleh of Imam Khomeini Doctrine Resaleh: Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Answer to History: All you need is to.

Jenayat Va Mokafat V1 – [PDF Document]

Quran on Universe versus Science Author digs deep in the psyche of Muhammad to find out the secrets of the ,okafat through his eyes. What do We Want? There is no Tavalodi digar shafa Good or Evil. Quran, bi Hich Payami baraye Ma! Book of Justice Ketab-e Shava. Thus Spoke Zarathustra Nietzsche loved and respected Zarathustra, and he tavalodi digar shafa bowed to Zarathustra as a great philosopher.

Noise Maker Jenyaat Vaq Sahab.

Bazarian che dini darand? Beyond Good and Evil Nietzsche explores beyond the shallow, superficial, traditional, social values defining the Good and the Evil.