the latest updates on JNU CBEE & avail the details about Entrance Exam , Eligibility, JNU CBEE MTech Biotechnology Syllabus. What are the best universities for MSc biotechnology under JNU CEEB? 4, Views What is the syllabus for MSC in microbiology in JNU entrance exam? . Answered Oct 8, · Author has answers and k answer views. Syllabus for JNU CBEE is attached, for Biotech/ Agri and Syllabus for M. Tech Biotechnology is in seperate PDF files, available , PM PLS tell me about JNU entrance examimation syllabus for MSC.

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Classification, mode of action, pharmacological effects, side effects, toxicity and posology of drugs acting on the CNS, ANS, CVS, gastrointerstinal system, endocrine system. Principles of chemotherapy, chemotherapeutic agents, anticancer drugs, vitamins and minerals. Students from Bachelor of Science B. Achievements and recent developments of genetic engineering in agriculture.

JNU Question Papers & Last Year Question Papers PDF Download

General characteristics, structure and reactions of non-transition elements and transition elements. Jawaharlal Nehru University shall organize the counseling procedure for the Qualified Students. Chemical Technology OR M. University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad Batch, fed-batch and continuous culture process and cell recycle processes.


Colligative properties of solutions, ionic equilibria in solution, solubility product, common ion effect, hydrolysis of salts, pH, buffer flr their applications in chemical analysis, equilibrium constants for enttrance reactions. University of Agricultural Sciences, G. Cell Biology – Modern tools and techniques in the study of cytology; prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells-structural and ultrastructural details; functions of organelles including membrane; cell cycle, mitosis and meiosis; numerical structural variation in chromosomes and their significance.

University of Jammu, Jammu Basics-modem-hub-switch-commands to transfer files- remote login.

What is the syllabus for MSc Biotechnology entrance exam of JNU?

Basic laws of chemical kinetics, chemical rate equations, parallel, sequential and other complex system kinetics, differential and integral enttrance analysis, CSTR and Plug Flow reactors, ideal and nonideal reactors, tank-in-series and APDF models, residence time distribution concept, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Immunological preparations, genetic engineering, fermentation, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics-drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination- general principles.

Formulation, manufacture and evaluation of solid, semisolid, liquid, aerosols and parentrals. Metabolism of carbohydrats, fatty acids and protein.

Elementary basic programming commands and syntax.

CEEB Previous Year Question Papers 2013

Give paper of geography ma entrance exam Filtration and membrane based separations, centrifugation, extraction, absorption and chromatography. Modelling of non-ideal behavior in bioreactors. University of Mysore, Mysore Applications — word processing — spread sheets. Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry B.


Biotechnology are also eligible. Basic concepts of analysis of drugs.

There will be negative exqm and for each wrong answer one mark will be deducted. Spectroscopy, principles of UV-visible and IR spectroscopy. Basic physiology and biochemistry pertaining to all the systems in the body. Structure and properties of boimolecules, carbohydrates, amino acids an proteins.

JNU CEEB Exam dates, Syllabus, Application Form, Pattern, Notification

Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Genetic code, replication, transcription and translation. Mohd Nabeel says 5 months ago. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Enzymes- classification, nomenclature, kinetics etc.

North Eastern Hill University, Shillong In other words, those who have passed the qualifying examination PRIOR to are not eligible to apply for taking admission M.

Free hormonic oscillators — elastic waves — Electromagnetic waves — interference, diffraction, scattering and polarisation of light — thermal radiation.

Ideal gases- Ist law of thermodynamics- Kinetic theory of gases- 2nd law of thermodynamics-real gases. Jn and Mass Transfer: