Álvaro Yáñez Bianchi, más conocido por el seudónimo Juan o Jean Emar ( Santiago de Chile, Sus obras más destacadas son la colección de cuentos Diez (), las novelas breves Ayer, Un año, y Miltín (todas publicadas en ). Juan Emar has 16 books on Goodreads with ratings. Juan Emar’s most popular book is Ayer. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Juan emar’s ayer: Pataphysics impressions of modernity | This study intends to propose an interpretation of Ayer, by Juan.

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When he saw us from behind his canvas, he approached us. And that of the relationship between my wife and him. Those of all the hours of the day and of the night; those of all the years of history.

For the third time, what viewers? It was a sincere statement directed solely at his art, or more accurately at the atmosphere in which it came to be, since, in all honesty, he had shown us nothing yet of his work and the last canvas I had seen of his was from five years earlier. Then I looked at my hands, wanting to see some part of me that was alive in that studio.

Work created exclusively under the influence of the color green cannot turn out well. I, with my spirit not so vast, remained within my own possibilities.

There were as well the greens imperceptible to the senses. By arrangement with the estate of Juan Emar. Not even its lack of green feathers, nor its scarlet feathers, have managed to make the reds waver in the least little bit. A group of clouds comes and suddenly we have miles and miles of green, just like that, all at once.

Juan Emar – Words Without Borders

As such, it is not worthwhile to insist on it. At this rate the day will come when you even see red as green. As he had done a moment earlier, our good friend waited juxn minute and then, looking at each of us in turn, he spoke to us in his confidential tone, to which he added a touch of sadness.


And so, allow me one more word. Afterwards we both coincided in a coffee. Greenish grey, grayish green, jungle or young eucalyptus, say it how you like, but it has an effect on you. This is a grey-green, better jjuan a greenish grey, and as for the jungle, this room has nothing more than the hue of a young eucalyptus, scarcely green at all, hardly, hardly. Is it possible to paint like this?

But, what happens if you take the canvases and go out into the ayet, to a gallery show, for example?

And there we headed. And this, I believe, is sufficient to pay the respect that my friend deserves. Only every quarter of an hour he would say: It was enough already of greens, of reds, of painters and aquatic environments.


Then we would turn, alternating right and left, after something, anything. We, out of courtesy, approached him. And we went in. I look at them then, I follow them with my gaze, I see them disappear around corners or among the crowds and I delight in those magnificent forms drenched in red. But, from the moment they exist, they can never stop existing, since if they stopped existing the sudden spark of a match would be enough for.

Listen well, nail it to your forehead if you have to, nail it on so that there are no pliers in the world that can get it off: There was a kuan there that I had forgotten, completely forgotten, and that now, looking suddenly fmar at the paintings, appeared to me all of a sudden. The leaves turn the light green. And yes, there were the invisible greens. Our good friend was shouting like a wild boar. Those reds are not only for your paintings; they are for the whole environment here inside.


Like most of my fellow citizens, I enjoy, in the mornings a little before lunch, to walk along our beautiful avenue Benedict XX, from one end to the other. I started right in on the art of good painting, saying to my friend: Its large window filters light through climbing vines with leaves that are always moving.

I swim smoothly through the air, getting emarr up in the smoke of my pipe. The viewers will leave with their pupils full of senselessness. Very well, I or anyone elsethink of a jungle.

Not one word more! I lit a cigarette.

This should suffice, but I see that until now I have not gone beyond the world of the senses, the greens that for better or worse can be perceived by the senses. Then he asked me:. Or, there are hundreds of houses of brown wood.

When suddenly, an idea: Let us compromise with a grayish green, with the caveat that I have reservations about this juab term in particular.

Books by Juan Emar

Anyone who knows the theories held by the painter regarding complements, will understand that ayet one of those reds was the exact, meticulously exact, exacerbatedly exact, complement of its group of greens. Good for the bourgeois. His skin was still firm. I reached both hands to him effusively, saying in an excited voice: They contained all the greens the Earth has left behind in her advance, all those that are with her now, all that will come to cinch themselves to her in her future turning.

Translation copyright by Megan McDowell. My wife frequents ayeer cinema; I, the athletic fields.