La teoria de juegos / Game theory: Una breve introduccion / A Very Short Introduction: Ken Binmore, Pepe Ventura Lopez: Books – Teoría de juegos. Front Cover. Ken Binmore QR code for Teoría de juegos. Title, Teoría de juegos. Author, Ken Binmore. Publisher, McGraw-Hill, Teoria de Juegos by Ken Binmore at – ISBN – ISBN – McGraw-Hill Interamericana – – Softcover.

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Not simply a textbook of definitions, each volume provides trenchant and provocative–yet always balanced and complete–discussions of the central issues in a given topic.

Oct 14, Adam rated it it was ok Shelves: This book is not for everyone and I will admit I will have to return to it to understand it more in the future but for maths I did find this accessible and interesting, I just need to stop now as my brain is full. My biggest impediment to comprehending game theory arises out of the compression of information.

It does have real world applications but still feels like the science of guessing. This has not been an easy book to read- but for me who is notorious for asking too many questions at the best of times it helps answer the question about why Game Theory is seen as being so important and how what can often be seen as a high concept actually does have relevance and even power in our society today.

Teoría de juegos – Ken Binmore – Google Books

Even though I struggled to turn each page, I’m glad I got an introduction to game theory Maybe the first chapters move too fast and introduce too many concepts. Although, at times I felt like a short introduction like this could be easier to read.


This Very Short Introduction offers a succinct tour of the fascinating world of game theory, a ground-breaking field that analyzes how to play g Games are everywhere: I was very satisfied with the progression of the book, and loved getting a bit more info on such game theory notables as Nash, Von Neumann, etc. However, I feel like using game theory could be coupled with morality, compassion and empathy to binmorr systems that result in the best outcome for all parties involved.

Paperbackpages. Extensive collaboration with 25 co-authors. While short, it’s also to the point and lives up to it’s title.

Ksn 11, Franck Chauvel rated it liked it Shelves: The mathematics this is not the author’s fault is rather thin on the ground, which sometimes makes it difficult to follow. The whole idea of game theory is to show potential outcomes based on a simplified choice architecture. I think this is a good introduction, especially as I found the book light on maths—a good thing for my Greek symbols anxiety.

Still, I found some chapters difficult, especially the last one about bargaining, Though, I have been too lazy to grab a pen and paper and work out the various games on In this very short introduction about pagesKen Binmore surveys Game Theory, talking about chance, time, conventions, reciprocity, information, auctions, evolutionary biology and finally bargaining.

This book also was good in juevos me a couple more GT books to read in the future on cooperation. Folks in business, military, or diplomats should understand it.

Jun 06, Andrew rated it really liked it. This is a good short introduction to Game Theory for non-mathematicians. With mini-biographies of many fascinating, and occasionally eccentric, founders of the subject–including John Nash, subject of the movie A Beautiful Mind –this book offers a concise overview of a cutting-edge field that has seen spectacular successes in evolutionary biology and economics, and is beginning to revolutionize other disciplines from psychology to political science.


The tone is patronising, defensive, often adversarial. But why read something that is hard work – well for me the concept is fascinating – game theory has been quoted, mis-interpreted and yes even abused so many times it was about time to see kwn it was all abou I will admit my head hurts after this book and no its not a bad thing.

La teoria de juegos / Game Theory : Una breve introduccion / A Very Short Introduction

If you’re looking for a great and accessible introduction to game theory, keep looking. Passion picks up at the journey’s end as the author talks about himself, and his work.

I shall look for another book for this topic.

Come cambiano le cose nel tempo! Nov 07, Daniel Wright rated it it was ok Shelves: He flaunted it several times. Want to Read saving…. It is a very short introduction to game theory, but it hits the important notes and gives just enough information to whet the whistle and prepare the reader for more complex, detailed books discussing game theory In this very short introduction about pagesKen Binmore surveys Game Theory, talking about chance, time, conventions, reciprocity, information, auctions, evolutionary biology and juegso bargaining.