LEGO Super Car Set Instructions Viewer. If you’ve lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are the full building . Set Number, Item No, BOID, Year Released, Instructions Pages, Instructions Booklets, 1. In 3 Wishlists. Super cool Boba Fett illustration courtesy of Mike Crowley (http://www. .com ยท Home | LEGO | TECHNIC | – Super Car | Instructions.

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I don’t know how to bend the soft axles.

You packed a lot of features into it. Recreating this phenomena in digital enviroment is a heck of a challenge that requires a lot of work from maniac.

Insyructions saw the video on youtube, and i am astonished. Posted August 16, There are a a bunch of functions. Edited December 18, by maniac BOM correction.

Already have an account? There is much in the chassis that is not visible from the pictures. So i salute you. Posted December 11, Your “Tribute Model” is the perfect link between both eras.


Thank you, I’ll look after the problem. Great to see instructions for this epic build!

Attika was kind enough to assist me instructios he has given the critical help I needed to do it. Its very nice xmas pressent. Especially because the was the last Set i bought before my “Dark Ages” came until i came back to Lego-Technic in this year. I spent some time to build this amazing replica of a legendary in LDD, but it took much long then I expected. I hope I can figure out how Attika did it.


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LEGO Technic 8880 Building Instructions

I have been waiting for the instructions to be built. Is there any chance of instructions for this leho coming soon? Posted December 12, edited.

This is a studless version of Lego set featuring: I’ve been taking advantage of the flexibility of ABS here and there, but well below the level of causing permanent damage in any part. Thanks a lot – this is a real supercar as in the good old days of lego where form follows function and not vice versa.

It really is a proper BI as it should be. BI coming this evening. Sorry for raising of this old topic. I am now learning to bend dynamic parts.

I’m close to give up with it and would like to share my results that may by useful for you. Yeah, I really appreciate the hard work going on here and will definitely be building this. Sorry for keeping instructios waiting. This has been on my to do list for a while now.


Instructions for – Super Car |

First snow, in the UK? A reminiscence to the old days, the legendary in a modern way, evolved on a new level.

I’ll do it, but right now all my legos are in boxes. Hope that it could help somebody I haven’t necessary details so far to build it in a real life that could help with some questions and possible someone can continue it. Sign In Sign Up. Register a new account. Hey folks, keep watch.

OK folks here is the bill of materials, with parts. Attika, Could you supply pictures of the EVO chassis? So, the file is here: Posted July 11, edited. Sign in Already have an account? Lately I’m a bit busy and that is combined with the mess of moving house right now. It is like a pregnancy at the last stage.