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Schwendener S, Perreten V. The Geneva conference of the League of Nations, which has been in sesferences? This may be seen by a glance at the situation which has developed during the past few months.

There is much diversity in the comparative statement form used by various banks, as is shown by the following table indicating the data employed by certain of the banks: Review of the month Business, industry, and finance, November, Condition of wholesale trade Production of knit goods Production of finished cotton fabrics Federal Reserve banking during Recent monetary and exchange developments in India Lel fallowed by city banks in granting accommodation to correspondents Fluctuations in loans and discounts of 11 banks of New York City, The investment trust as a channel for investment abroad Official: The prices of grains throughout the various markets have shown a decline with only a few minor exceptions.

Of this millions something over onehalf is offset by payments of interest on investments, of pensions, and of expenditures on account of the India Government in Federak, this amount being roughly measured by the net sales of council drafts, i.

While there is as yet no evidence of reaction from the depression prevailing in the market for woolen and worsted textiles, district No. Toxin-antitoxin systems are ubiquitous and plasmid-encoded in vancomycin-resistant enterococci. Subsequently reductions of 15 to 25 cents per barrel were reported in the fuel oil markets of north Texas. Six reporting firms which sell to the retail trade show a decrease in the value of the product manufactured of The total output of a selected group of mills in November was 1, barrels, as compared with 1, in November,and operations during the six weeks ending December 11 have been at Remittances should be made to the Federal Reserve Board.

Federal Reserve Bank note circulation shows a practically steady decline from millions on January 2 federla millions on May 14, but since that date an increase to millions on December 30 is noted.


Incidentally the tendency of the operations connected with or growing out of Government financing during the month was to render the money market rather more stringent than would otherwise have been true. This bill having been brought to the attention of the Federal Reserve Board with a request for an expression of its opinion, the Governor of the Board on December 16 addressed to Hon. Total cash reserves show an increase of This is shown by the percentage of outstanding orders at the end of November to the total purchases during the calendar yearwhich is 7.

The success thus had has been only partial, and its incompleteness has given rise to proposals like those recently under consideration in England, which have contemplated the funding of the floating debt through the issue of long-term bonds to be sold in the United States.

Several institutions have a regular staff of field men making per- report they make loans to country banks on a sonal visits to country banks. There has been very little change in the raw silk market during 1716 past month, as there has been no general increase of manufacturing activity to create a buying demand.

Louis, San Francisco, Cincinnati, and Chicago, and all laws li parts of laws so far as they authorize the establishment or maintenance of offices of such assistant treasurers or of subtreasuries of the United States are hereby repealed from and after July 1, ; and the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to discontinue from and after such date or at such earlier date or dates as he may deem advisable, such subtreasuries and the exercise of all duties and functions by such assistant treasurers or their feederal.

One bank in this city states that its correspondents borrow between April and August, and liquidate between October and December, 71116 out of debt until the following April.

Federal Reserve Notes | FRASER | St. Louis Fed

The committee determined that the ratio should be 10 rupees to a sovereign for the reason that this figure is high enough to prevent the silver content of the rupee grains from exceeding its monetary or gold value for any considerable length of time, since in order to make it profitable to melt rupees at the new rate silver would have to be beyond the melting point of British, American, and French coins, and in the committee ‘s opinion silver could not be maintained at such a high level without causing the melting of these coins and thus increasing the supply and reducing the price of silver.


One Chicago bank states that it looks with disfavor upon small balances and overdrafts, but that there may be offsetting circumstances.

Due from— Kansas City. White goods, Order and production report for month ending Dec. In trade with South America During the year the reserve of the Bank of and with some other nations which have England has fallen to a materially lower point, largely overbought of American goods, ex- going on December 1 to 7.

Federal Reserve Notes

On the other hand, receipts of sheep were less, being 1, head during November, corresponding to an index number ofas compared with 1, head during October, corresponding to an index number ofand 1, head during November,corresponding to an index number of The husking of corn has been carried forward rapidly and is practically finished in most districts.

On the other hand, some mills in the district are further reducing the scale of operations or considering a complete suspension of operations. In order to reduce the premium on gold, the Government sold considerable quantities at the Indian bazaars.

The result is seen in the gradual decrease of the amounts of war paper held federral the year by the Reserve Banks. Cash and sight exchange. There has been considerable deterioration in the quality of the lint, due to the wet weather, and the bulk of the ginning is reported to be 7116 below middling. Louis 25 of the year totaled The slackening of demand for manufactured goods continues, with the result that some factories are closed while others are running only on part time.

Results showed that all five E. The firms located in districts Nos. Such institutions are regarded as either obligated or prejudiced, as the case may be, fedegal their answers influenced accordingly. Linezolid resistance in Enterococcus faecium isolated in Ontario, Canada. But the value of its silver content rising continually in recent years, the value of the rupee had to be raised, as otherwise it would have been melted for export.

For the first three weeks the reporting banks’ aggregate loans and investments show a reduction of millions, while their borrowings from the Federal Reserve Banks went up nearly 25 millions.

Only one of the lsa E -positive enterococcal isolates, namely, E. The fuel situation thus is easier in certain sections, so that, for example, in district No.