Leo Taxil. The tale of the Pope and the Pornographer. It was a practical joke which has gone on to have a ‘life of its own’: Gabriel Jogand-Pag�s, better known. Perhaps no one aspect of anti-Masonic practice has fueled religious zeal greater than the hoax perpetrated by Leo Taxil, shown above right, on Albert Pike. Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès, aka Leo Taxil. At some point in your Masonic life, you’ll hear anti-Masons prattling about.

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Some Church leaders do exactly the same thing today. Help On Some Details – 43 posts.

Leo Taxil |

Nonetheless, it retained the tazil tendencies of the older body. The rite derived its name from the form er royal city of Egypt. This hoax, still accepted today by those who would attempt to condemn Freemasonry, linked the fraternity to Lucifer and therein to Devil worship.

In fact some Fundamentalist Christian Web sites go so far as to haxil the above document to Pike’s book Moral’s and Dogma.

But the lessons which the Church was prepared to learn were of another order. As the anti-Masonic fervour rose, not to be left behind by the movement his brainchild had created, in Taxil collaborated with Doctor Charles Hacks and produced another sensational expose The Devil in the Nineteenth Century or the Mysteries of Spiritualism, in other words Luciferian Freemasonry.

Strangely, Hacks’ confessions did little to discourage the anti-Masons who believed he had been bought by the Freemasons to spread these stories that the whole thing was a hoax. The Catholic church and many other religious orders have been the victims of these half-written and oftentimes venomous attacks.

Taxil hoax

But he was, and is, far from alone. On April 17th,twelve years after Taxil txail launched the hoax, he admitted it was just that. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Although this re-writing would probably have been undertaken by Pike in any case since he was intrinsically unhappy with the existing rituals. You will also have tzxil how Knight, Short and others have painted the exclusively Craft Freemason as a poor dupe of the higher orders — much to the astonishment of the members of those orders who know there is nothing incompatible or inimical to Christianity or any other religion therein.


Taxil was expelled from the Anti-Clerical League on 27 Julybut reminded its members that, while they did not understand his motives at that time, they would later.

It is obvious that simply saying nothing and relying on the common sense of the public to see how unjust and ludicrous these fantasies and perjured arguments taxi does not work.

Freemasonry has never, in all its history, persecuted or unjustly condemned anyone whether for his religious, political or any other beliefs. Take for example:. We are now giving in this issue a complete list of these articles, which can now be considered as not having existed. Unfortunately someone remembered Diana Vaughan had been “born” in Paris according to her curriculum vitae derived from the publication of her memoirs.

Apparently coming to an accommodation with this, he joins that organisation and attacks the attacker, only to be rejected by the very organisation he is attempting to help in his peculiarly unique manner.

The crowd, who in all likelihood had gathered to hear some new anti-Masonic revelation, was angered to a point where Taxil had to duck out a back exit. You may best see this in the summary of Chapter 29 given on page The targets of his hoax were especially vulnerable. The upheavals of the First World War and the political chaos that followed the Russian Revolution all added fuel to the anti-Masonic fire.

The statement was attributed to Pike five years after its alleged circulation by Abbe Clarin de la Rive in his anti-Masonic tract La femme et l’enfant dans la franc-maconnerie universelle “The Woman and Child in Universal Freemasonry”. All of which was totally believed and dutifully published. Here’s the way he described a Masonic initiation into those mysterious “higher degrees” you’ve never managed to be invited to join: The work cites the Cyclopedia of Fraternities by Stevens who adds that the Palladium is “little known as the number of its members is strictly limited and the deepest secrecy surrounds all its deliberations” Any wonder, the only information was coming direct from the fertile mind of Taxil and Hacks.

You’ve witnessed every single degree you’ve ever heard of, and scores more that you hadn’t known of before.


Kansas Physician Confirms Howard Report – 1 posts. Miscellaneous research resources Edit: Originally an association for the diffusion of natural morality, [Freemasonry] is now simply a benefit society. If Jack does prove to be a lowly labourer or fish porter then nobody is going to take a blind bit of notice, but if we can come up with a belted Earl or something similar and weave a complete and utter fantasy around him with the required amount of gore, sex and violence thrown in, then we can sit back and bathe in the glory of yet another “final solution”.

This type of imagery as false as it is, has prevailed among many Fundamentalist Christian groups today, such as Jack T.

Masonic Bios

They wrote under the collective pseudonym of “Doctor Bataille” — who had supposedly entered the Palladium and seen its wonders. Amazingly too, some current anti-Masons attempt to ‘prove’ that the self-admitted fraud wasn’t a fraud at all.

The predominantly Voltairian jury agreed. At taxik right is a toad, in silver, with its mouth open. With the publication of “Dr. For more information about this hoax including translations of newspaper articles from the time, click here.

In fact, there are a couple of such ‘debunking of the debunked story’ pages to be found on the web. In this same book the false Albert Pike quote is used to support, and falsely so, the authors own anti-Masonic views. After spending his childhood years in the seminary, he became disillusioned with the Catholic faith and began to see the religious ideology as socially harmful. And Albert Pike also did exist, although he really was a Freemason but one with some ill-formed and almost incoherent ideas concerning comparative religions which left him peculiarly vulnerable to accusations of being a Satanist which was fully exploited and corrupted by Taxil.

As late asPalladium-look-alikes could be found in the anti. Freethinker was a term given to those who opposed the authority and dogma of society, especially when that authority was religious in nature.