View and Download LG 55LH90 owner’s manual online. SL90 CHANNEL (A,_’) Buttons © VOLUME (+,-) Buttons ENTER Button MENU Button INPUT. LCD TV MONITOR Users Manual details for FCC ID BEJ47SL90UA made by LG Electronics USA. Document Includes User Manual User_s Manual_G_. Please read this manual carefully before operating SL90 . We recommend that you use an LG brand wall mount when mounting the TV to a wall .

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Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience Keep these instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Do not touch the TV with wet hands. Do not install in a confined space such as If an outdoor antenna is installed, follow a bookcase. Do not cover the product with precautions below.

An outdoor antenna system cloth or other Auto Volume Leveler Auto Volume Preset Sound Setting Sound Mode Sound Setting Adjustment – User Mode VOICE audible when background noise swells. Sophisticated and detailed calibrations can be made through the ]SFccc mode. If an accessory is missing, please contact dealer where you purchased the TV.

The accessories included may differ from the images below. Image shown may differ from your TV. Intelligent Sensor Illuminates white when the TV is switched If installed on a ceiling or slanted mabual, it may fall and result in severe personal injury. LG recommends that wall mounting For proper ventilation, allow a clearance of 4 inches on all four sides from the wall.

Stand 1-Screw provided as parts of the product Desk I’tl We recommend that manaul set up zl90 TV close to a wall so it cannot fall over if pushed backwards.

HDMI supports both audio and video. Connect antenna cable antenna in socket of the VCR. The Position, Phase, and Size can also be adjusted. Select the desired resolution. Auto Configure Automatically adjusts picture position and minimizes image instability.

After mamual, if the image is still not correct, try using the manual settings or a different resolution or refresh rate on the PC. Match the jack colors. How to use iiiiiiii iiiiiiii If you want to enjoy digital broadcasting through 5. LIST Displays the channel table.


Illuminates the remote control buttons. And switch the AC power control switch on the TV. At this moment, the TV switches to standby mode. It will be displayed on the screen when turning the TV on for the first time. It can also be acti- vated from the user menus. Select a menu item. Accept the current selection. Menu Quick Menu is a menu of features which users might use frequently. Selects your desired picture format.

Selects the desired preset picture setting. The TV will ask for a password if parental control been activated This padlock is displayed when the channel is locked with parental control. To tune to a favorite channel, press the FAV Favorite button repeatedly. Show the Brief Info on the screen.

Return to TV viewing. The program contains two or more audio services.

LG 55LH90 OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download.

MENU menu to select wanted Audio. Select the desired input source. This TV is programmed to remember which option it was last set to manuall if you turn the TV off. After connecting AV devices to the TV, you can directly control the devices and play media with- out additional settings.

Enables you to select one of the AV devices connected to TV.

On a USB device, you can not add a new folder or delete an existing folder. The On-Screen Display on your model may be slightly different. Display the selected item.

47SL90 Support

Mark all photos on the screen. Deselect all marked photos. More operations are available in full screen mode. Selected photos are displayed during slide show. If no photo is selected, all photos in the cur- rent folder are displayed during slide show. Set the time interval of the slide show in Option. Listen to music while viewing photos in full size. This TV cannot play back copy-protected files. The On-Screen Display on your mode[ may be slightly different.

Play the selected file. Maual a song finishes playing, the next selected one will be played. When there are no selected files to play, the next one in the current folder will be played.

The play information box as shown below will automatically move across the screen when kg is no user input to manuall vent a fixed image remaining on the screen for a extended period of time. It is used sl990 playing movie files on TV. Displays the movies in the USB folder and supports play. Allows playback of all movies in the folder but you can not delete the movies.


Select the Full screen or Original size. Subtitle Language, Sync or Position. But, the file with only one audio can not be selected. Using the registration number, movies can be rented or pur- chased at www. Only DivX files matched with the registration code of the purchased TV are playable. Return to the previous menu.

Zoom Manial Scan Normally the edges of video signals are cropped Choose Zoom when you want to view the picture o. Use this to calibrate the screen quality by adjusting the Black and White Level etc.

You can calibrate screen quality by easily following each step. Adjust Vertical Adjust Backlight. Finish the Picture Wizard. You can use a preset, change each setting manually, or use the Intelligent Sensor. Saving is changed to Auto automatically. You can set the video seeing differently for each input. To reset to the factory default after making adjustments to each input This may also be used be a professional to help optimize the TV performance in the environment the TV is in.

DVD and Blu-ray movies are filmed at 24 frames per second fps. Displays standard set of colors. Increase number al90 colors used. Maximize the utilization of color to increase color quality.

LG 55LH90 Owner’s Manual

Show clearer and manaul yet natural edges in the video. This function is enabled in “Picture mode – Expert” The default factory setting complies with the Energy Star requirements and is adjusted to the comfortable level to be viewed at home. You can increase the brightness of your screen by adjusting the Energy Saving level or by setting the Picture Mode.

Initialize the adjusted value. This feature is disabled in “Picture Mode-Game”.

Select On or Off. Because each broadcasting station has its own signal conditions, volume adjustment may be needed every time manhal channel is changed. Select Clear Voice Select 0 n or Off.