Page 1. Module. 3. Machinability. Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur. Page 2. Lesson. Failure of cutting tools and tool life. Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur. Page 3. Recommended materials for machinability. Parts made from both ferrous and non -ferrous material can be machined. However, materials like plastics (with or. Page 1. Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur. Module. 3. Machinability. Page 2. Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur. Lesson. Cutting Tool Materials of common use. Page 3.

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Diamond fly cutting can be used to generate diffraction gratings and other linear patterns with appropriately contoured machknability shapes. Design and Application of typical jigs and fixtures.

Geometry of single point cutting tools. Despite all the automation involved in the diamond turning process, the human operator still plays the main role in achieving the final result. Capstan and turret lathes, automats, broaching machines, centreless grinding machines. Glossary of glass art terms Glass recycling. A diamond-tipped lathe tool is machonability in the final stages of the manufacturing process to achieve sub- nanometer level surface finishes and sub- micrometer form accuracies.

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SpeedyCourse will work better if you enable JavaScript. The mentioned syllabus is systematic order to understand gradually, importance of machining, machining region mechanism, machinabilitt signatures, tool life, multipoint machining processes, cutting fluid, cutting fluid emissions and its effect on human kind.


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Even with the relatively high volume of optical components manufactured using the SPDT process, this process cannot be classified as mass production, especially when compared with production of polished optics. Diamond milling can be used to generate aspheric lens arrays by annulus cutting methods with a spherical diamond tool. Mechanics of Machining, tool geometry and materials, chip formation, tool temperature, tool wear, tool life, surface finish, machinability.

Machining is one of the basic and very important courses for the mechanical undergraduate students. Quality of surface finish and form accuracy is monitored throughout the manufacturing process using such equipment as contact and laser profilometerslaser interferometersoptical and electron microscopes.

Temperature changes of a few degrees during machining can alter the form of the surface enough to have an effect. Go to your Messages. Diamond turning is turning with diamond as the cutting tool. Shear zone, Chip formation, chip thickness measurements, machining mechanics of ductile and brittle materials.

Already have an account? Diamond turning is a multi-stage process. Chip-tool tribology, tool-workpiece tribology, Sticking and sliding zone, types of lubrication, Surface roughness, Macginability removal rate, Machinability. Purposes of jigs and fixtures and their Design principles. Introduction to Numerical Control. Classification of grinding machines and their uses.

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Sign up for free. Optical elements produced by the means of diamond turning are used in optical assemblies in telescopesvideo projectorsmissile guidance systems, lasers, scientific research instruments, and numerous other systems and devices.


Send a message To: Construction, working principle and applications of shaping, planing and slotting machines. Overview Syllabus Machinabiility Courses Reviews. Introduction to Manufacturing and Machining. Cutting Tool Materials of common use. Quality control is a major part of the diamond turning process and is required after each stage of machining, sometimes after each pass of the cutting tool.

The main spindle may be cooled with a liquid coolant to prevent temperature deviations. Become a Data Scientist datacamp. The machined element is attached to an air chuck using negative air pressure and is usually centered manually using a micrometer. The machine tool components are placed on top of the granite base and can be moved with high degree of accuracy using a high-pressure air cushion or hydraulic suspension.

Diamond turning

Taught by Mamilla Machinbaility Sankar. Message sent to World Mentoring Academy. Special purpose machines for thread cutting and gear cutting hobbing and shaping.

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